Saturday, August 3, 2013

~ Yay ....

.... me!!!!
Twenty years ago I decided to do something
that would change my life.
Something that I was afraid to do.
Something that I knew I had to do.
Something that I should have done sooner.
Twenty years ago
I became
One year after quitting my risk of coronary heart disease
was 1/2 that of a smoker's.
10+ years after quitting my risk of lung cancer death
was 1/2 that of a smoker's
15+ years after quitting my risk of stroke and coronary heart disease
is that of a non smoker!!!!
I am patting myself on the back!!!
I am taking deep breaths
and not coughing!!!
I taste things differently.
I smell things differently.
I have more $$$ in my pockets.
Yay me!!!!!!
Now, excuse me while I kiss the sky!!!!


  1. That is fantastic! You deserve a pat on the back x

  2. YEAH you Sis! Love this selfie and love the words...kiss the sky! That is quite the accomplishment and should be applauded!!!

  3. Congratulations! and Good for you and those around you because 2nd hand smoke is just as deadly.

  4. Woo Hoo to YOU!!! I quit 28 years ago...and never looked back. I can't even stand to be around cig smoke, gives me a headache!

  5. yeah you is right....I quit way back in 1977 because I got pnemonia and it hurt like hell, so I took advantage of the situation and quit...never regretted that decision. Now, where is all that money I saved??? Congrats!!

  6. YAY is right! WAY TO GO! And I like the look of your blog! Here to you via Kathy McB...


  7. You go girl.. You should pat yourself on the back.. That is not the easiest thing to do.


  8. BRAVO to you Sweetie! What a smart decision that of the best you'll ever make, I'm sure! You deserve lots of pats on the back for that one! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! xo Paulette :D


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