Friday, December 20, 2013

~ Bah ....

.... Humbug!
First, can I just say how excited I was to get an e-mail from
Nancy @ A Rural Journal
telling us that Random 5 Friday is back!!!
Happy Dance!!!!
Really missed you Nancy and your fantastic meme!
1.  On Tuesday we got a third snowstorm in one week!
Yup, you read that right!  #3 storm in 7 days!
The first storm dropped 3.5 inches. 
The second dropped 8 inches.
And the third dropped 3 inches.
Not major storms .... but dang!
Enough is enough already.
And the kicker is ... it isn't winter yet!!!
2.  This is how my living room looks ....
and will continue to look until Christmas Eve.
One big mess. 
Wayyyyyyyy in the corner at the top of the picture are Tom's gifts to me!
I do not peek.   Never have.  Never will.
The mess up front and center are my gifts to Tom.
We use blankets to hide them from each other.
Our old legs just don't permit us to go up and down the stairs
numerous times so for a few years now we just keep them
in the living room/dining room.
Like I said ... one big mess!
3.  Instead of acting like Scrooge when it was snowing
I decided to stay inside and catch up on my wrapping.
Set up my wrapping station on the kitchen table ....
made a cup of mocha cappuccino ....
turned the t.v. on and wrapped away.
Did I tell you that I.HATE.WRAPPING?
 I kept hearing this strange sound as I was wrapping.
Very distracting.  
I turned the t.v. off ... trying to figure out what the sound was
and where it was coming from.
I went from room to room
and the sound followed.
What the ....?
I finally figured out what the sound was ....
it was coming from me ....
I was actually humming while wrapping!
Don't tell anyone!
4.  By late afternoon ....
...things were starting to look a little better in my corner.
Can't say the same for Tom.
He's usually way ahead of me with wrapping.
This year, I'm the winner!
Can you believe those are all for one person!
We spoil each other rotten for Christmas.
I'm not complaining.
But we've discussed cutting back .... spending less ....
it's getting harder and harder to come up with new things to get.
A lot of time spent running around and getting nothing done!
5.  Yesterday I had some last minute crap stuff to pick up.
One was a cake to bring to Tom's brother's house tomorrow.
As I was deep in thought .... deciding which cake to pick up,
I heard someone close by whistling ....
loudly ....
"Jingle Bell Rock"
as he was also deciding which cake to purchase.
When he finished his whistling masterpiece,
I stood back and applauded his talent!
"Very good!", I said.
At first he looked surprised.
Then we both laughed,
said "Merry Christmas"
and went on our separate ways.
Merry Christmas to all ...
and to all a goodnight!



  1. Wow! You guys really go all out don't you! I bought Shane some food items -- imported cheese mostly, which he loves -- I'm hoping for perfume this year. Have a wonderful Christmas Diane! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, Diane! This is fantastic! And I love how you showed the gifts to you from Tom under the blanket. Ha...I love to wrap presents, and I am the ultimate bow maker...gotta have a big handmade ribbon bow. One year I wrapped my own gifts from him ( I didn't even peek)...sometimes I even buy my own gifts and put my name on them from everyone. Hee hee... Well Merry Merry to you and yours Diane, and a great big ALOHA...

  3. I do have to say ... you go full tilt at your house if all that is for just two people! We tend to buy very little for ourselves and instead shower our daughter and her family. Glad you got your wrapping done, though. There is something magic about wrapping on a snowy day. Merry Christmas!

  4. Larry and I are the same way--we spoil each other with gifts. We wait until Christmas Eve to wrap so our kitty won't get into the packages. I hide his stuff in the basement. I'm not sure where he hides my stuff. I don't look. :-) I enjoy wrapping, but I'm not a great wrapper.

    Have a Happy Christmas! And I am so jealous of all that snow--send some to me! :-)

  5. guys go on out for each other~
    We have decided to cut down long ago, only little kids up to 15 still receive presents, all other people buy one present and put in the pile, and each adult gets to pick one from that.

  6. Wow! You two are crazy for gift giving!!!! Nice job wrapping, I must say...:)JP

  7. wow, what you have done to this blog is awesome!! so festive. i love it!! i love your wrapping job ... sing for me again!! ha. ha!! you have a lot to get wrap. how are your fingers? any paper cuts? happy weekend. relax those fingers. big big hugs. ( :

  8. LmaoYES!!! Whistling!! I fricken love that you were whistling!! Love the snow pic-even tho I know your not fond of the fluff. This post kicks butt sis!!! Love it and u!

  9. How cute you two are:-)
    We have had lots of snow too and more on the way..pretty much maintenance though..
    Warm wishes Diane..

  10. Whoa! Happy Holiday shopping to YOU! :) Love how that mess morphed into something I'd want to dive into and start ripping open, haha.

  11. I am with Kathy - Whoa! both about the snow and that handsome stack of gifts. I would have (and possibly have) done the same thing in response to overhearing someone hum/whistle/sing a melody while shopping - I love when someone is boldly enjoying the day/holiday - it is contagious.

  12. You have done some work there! I haven't wrapped anything. Maybe I should start tomorrow. I actually don't mind it. A few years ago I made a bunch of cloth bags so I just throw everything in a bag and have done with it. Works for us. The only problem is remember who gets what. It makes things exciting on Christmas day.

  13. Love the beautiful pile of wrapped gifts. Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy.

  14. wow, you got a lot done in one afternoon! I "wrap" most of the gifts in bags, my hubby was the talented gift wrapper. However, I do okay on wrapping books.
    This is my first time here; thanks for visiting me. Your header is a stunner! Plus I love this whole page!
    Merry Christmas to you and Tom!

  15. Oh I see no humbug here wonderful wrapping I am impressed. I could never make things look that nice. Keep humming and the world will hum with you. Merry Christmas. xo

  16. Cute post. You accomplished a lot of wrapping; I'm impressed. It must be fun to spoil each other for Christmas. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. :)

  17. Wishing you a magical Christmas: and a happy 2014.

  18. I bet he loved each and every one of those! Wishing you a Merry Christmas (season) and a blessed 2014!!

  19. I don't like wrapping gifts. That has to be my least favorite thing to do. Have a blessed New Year!

  20. I just love this post.. And you go girl at winning at the Christmas wrapping. I don't like to wrap gifts as well. I usually put a sappy love story on the TV while I am wrapping and spend more time crying while I am wrapping and it takes me twice as long to get the job done. But it helps me get through the task.. I know I'm weird.. LOL Wishing you all the best in the New Year and looking forward to seeing you post in the new year.




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