Friday, January 24, 2014

~ Hello Friday ...

I'm a sucker for this meme.  It is my favorite because I just love
all the randomness that you all post and because
it's pretty much the only one I participate in.
1.  It has been colder than a witch's you-know-what!  Holy Frigidness! 
You go outside and you feel like you can't breath.
Thanks Polar Vortex!
2.  With that said ... I can only imagine how high our
heating bill will be for this month.
And not because I want the heat cranked up.
Au contraire! 
If I had my way the thermostat would sit nicely at 68*.
My husband prefers to see that baby sitting at 71/72*.
It doesn't sound like much but trust me ...
those few degrees have me perspiring like a marathon runner!
3.  With that said ... I sleep with a fan on 365 days a year!
Yup!  You heard right.
I NEED that white noise to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
If the power should go out during the night ...
this gal bolts upright in a nano second!
4.  My husband hates that I need the fan's white noise to sleep.
But hey ... he knew that when he married me!
So he sleeps with his side of the electric blanket on high 365 days a year!
Thank goodness for dual controls, huh?
5.  We've gotten six snow storms since early December.
I guess I shouldn't complain.
Could be worse ... they were all pretty minor.
Nothing above 10 inches.
Which brings me to .....
I have given Gumby permission to just roam around the house
and entertain himself when I can't be his playmate.
The other day I could hear him talking and laughing
and telling tall tales.
When I turned around the corner to see what he was up to ...
there he was
on the steps
with dust bunnies captivated by his every word.
I'm thinking "Rut-row" ....
maybe I need to pay more attention to Gumby!
So, I asked him what he wanted to do ...
his wish was my command.
He wanted to go outside .... in the snow!
I explained to him how cold it was and that I didn't have a scarf for him.
He didn't care.
So ... outside we went.
He loved it!
He was fascinated by the snow and how it felt.
He was a little disappointed that the snow was too fluffy
to make a snowman ... someone he could play with ...
but then I told him about snow angels.
I can't tell you how many snow angels he made ...
too many to count!
He had fun!
Now I probably should go and knit him a scarf.


  1. it's cold where I am too. I'm staying indoors as much as possible. fun grumby pics!

    hope you have a great day

  2. Diane, This is hilarious!!! We share a few things in common when it comes to sleeping with a fan on and wanting to keep the thermostat at 68*. Boy ever, does the heating bill go up when it's so cold out! Gumby is adorable. Will you take him swimming this summer? :)

  3. My husband needs white noise too so I bought him one of those sleep machines; he loves it! I think Gumby needs some hot cocoa.

  4. I like your random five! I also need some sort of white noises to fall asleep and the heat bill for January will send me straight to a cold shower! Stay warm until next week random :-)

  5. I have a Gumby too! He was my grandfather's. Maybe our G umbys could be friends.

  6. Gumby snow it! Stay warm! See you at the Blog Party! Aloha

  7. Oh I love the adventures of Gumby and you should knit him a scarf. I hope the vortex goes back to the arctic soon. :) B

  8. do you wonder why i love your blog? well it is done to Gumby of course. ha. ha!! just picking... but he is such an added bonus. ( :
    i need to figure out something with the hubby always snoring ... wonder if it would work? i know it helps when we are warm ... but i never would have thought when it was freezing out??!

  9. LMAO!!! Gumby and dust bunnies! LMAO....please knit that little man a scarf! Let him pick the yarn too! Great random five! Love ya sis....super fun post!

  10. That Gumby is crazy...loco....dropping in the cold snow like that! Oh to be young at heart and have a bit of frigid temps like this not bother me but be fun like Gumby is enjoying!!

    And colder than a witch's you know what? How 'bout colder than a priest' know what? LOL

  11. Haha! That Gumby!!! Making snow angels, no less! I do think he needs a scarf, at least. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Yes, you should knit poor Gumby a scarf! He desperately needs one! Glad that he was able to enjoy making snow angels! Have a gret weekend!

  13. I am a fan gal myself, but have taken a reprieve with this cold front and my chest cold. That Gumby is a character - cute one with him and the dust bunnies. Keep cool/warm/entertained.

  14. Gumby needs a scarf and maybe a little sweater. It's cold out there.

  15. What a great post. loved the way Gumby spent the day.

  16. I prefer the temperatures of your better half ! and sleeping with the noise of a fan ?? My room has to be silent like a graveyard before midnight ! When I stay somewhere over night I have to wear earplugs ! I am longing for spring, but it looks as if we move towards winter !


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