Friday, March 21, 2014

~ Daffy ...

... dils!
It's Spring! 
Let's play over at Nancy's ....
Yup!  It's Random 5 Friday.
1.  I usually am not a fan of daffodils.
But when I saw these in the market, I just couldn't resist.
I'm glad I bought them.
2.  Yesterday was the first day of Spring.
It was colder than a witch's you-know-what.
By Saturday they are saying it will be almost 60*.
But then the temps will drop again by Monday into the low 30's
and there may even be some .... gasp .... snow showers!
3.  My fear is that we will go directly from Winter right into Summer.
From 30/40 degree weather right into 70/80 degree weather.
It has happened.
I want to experience Spring.
Its smells ... its colors ... its freshness.
I want to watch the flowers pop up from the soil.
I want to feel Spring's warm breeze.
4.  I've decided that this year I WILL plant a vegetable garden.
Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers.
Maybe some peppers.
Maybe some green beans.
I missed my garden last year.
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to go outside
and pick our salad right from the soil.
5.  Now that Spring has arrived
I will start searching for garage sales
and flea markets.
Gosh!  I missed doing that!
Why I want to find more "junk" when I am trying to downsize
is beyond me.
I can't help myself.
I use the excuse that my finds are "photo props" (wink-wink).
There you have it!
Oh.....Gumby wanted to make an apPEARance.
Sorry.....he made me say it!
Now get out there and spring around!


  1. Oh Garage sales I forgot about them. I love your Daffodils and Gumby looks awesome. Hug B

  2. the same weather here in ny, but I like those daffodils, they really reminds of spring.

    hope you have a great day.

  3. LOL! Yes, it will get colder here and yes, perhaps snow this week...I know it's coming...the bluebirds were shopping for boxes today in my yard, the Daffs are peeking out of the soil...yes, there is life on the way...please hang in!!!...:)JP

  4. Gumby is hanging out with fake pears? does the pear talk? i love daffodils!! do you have a reason why you don't like daffodils? the smell (scent?) or ?? i am curious. ( :

  5. Lovely sight those daffodils. I should get a few of those. Hi, Gumby!

  6. Gumby is looking good!

  7. Your last daffodil photo looks 3D - it is so pretty. I'm a fan of daffodils, just because they are one of the first to bloom at my house. We are having the same weather you describe -- maybe we are neighbors!

  8. We have waited too long for Spring for it to pass us by, hopefully!

  9. What lovely photos of the daffodils!

  10. The daffodils are very cheery. I do hope you have a lovely spring in which to enjoy the flowers outside as well. - We often jump from a mild spring straight into summer here too. I don't like that either. I hope your garden will be a big success for you. It was great seeing Gumby again.

  11. I thought about the winter-to-summer thing last night and need to be grateful for 30 degree days. Love the daffodils! Ours should be coming up soon.

  12. I hate to say this D-but daffodils are not my favorite flowers either. But the sure photograph purty with all that white. That vege garden sounds delish already. There is something to be said about growing your own produce. Hope you get to. I'm hexing Mother Nature to go easy on you!! Lol

  13. One of my friends calls this whiplash weather. I planted daffodils in our orchard. Any day now they will bloom. They mean spring to me.

  14. Garage sale are my down fall, too. Funny, I have a garage sale to get rid of all of our stuff then go to someone else's sale, buy their stuff and bring it home. go figure!

  15. So enjoyed this post ... Made me think of an upcoming season, I love ... I cannot wait to see the sprouts in my flower garden ... Love watching it take shape each year ... I find something new happening each year ... Some colors change, some are planted in different spots etc ... Love the magic that happens when we are not paying attention ... Nature at its best ... Also love your Gumby Pic :) ~Kristine - Boston MA

  16. Your daffodils look so pretty. They are such a happy flower. Here in the desert that always happens. We only have about a week of spring.. YUCK. It is already too warm here for my liking.


  17. Happy spring to you! Hopefully you get springlike temperatures soon and can enjoy a real spring season.

  18. I love dafs! So cheap and cheerful. You know what I keep doing? I buy the small varieties in pots and keep them in the house. When they are past their perfect, I plant then somewhere in the frozen garden and forget about them, and I'll be darned if they don't all show up the next spring. Grateful little things. Hope your spring is springing along. :)

  19. Love your pictures of the daffodils. So pretty. Gumby looks awesome too LOL!
    Have a great week.

  20. Finally, I found a new trend this spring! I love the appearance of PEAR, which also stand out in the tropics! I keep gazing on the yellow daffodils and it’s gorgeous vase! Thanks for sharing your experience this spring!

    Sebastian Chuter

  21. Well, I'm certainly 'tardy for the party' - but better late than never, right! I like daffodils enough - it would be nicer if they lasted longer. It seems that they are durable as hell through snow and whatnot, but cut a few and they die within a day or so. Hi Gumby - nice, apPearance. Hope you are enjoying this Spring/Summer/Winter week. (if your week has been anything like mine).

  22. pretty nice blog, following :)


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