Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~ How to become a "creeper" in your own blog without even trying.....

Yup!  That's an avatar of myself in the sidebar under "Friends".  I've become a "creeper" in my own blog.  I. Am. Mortified.  Who knows how long I've been there.  I didn't notice it until I was checking out who was following me.  Just noticed the numbers first......12 "Friends".   "Well", I thought, "how about that!!!"  Then I noticed a familiar icon.  Is. That. Me?????  How could that have happened?  Did I do that?
I said:  Are you serious?  
Me said:  What?
I said:  Did you add Me as a "friend/follower" in our own blog?
Me says nothing.  Me is standing there, arms behind me's back, kicking imaginary rocks.
I said:  I didn't do it ... it had to be you!
Me said:  It wasn't Me!
I said:  That's just not right.   We look like a "creeper".
I think about this awhile.....mortified about how this must look to other bloggers and people who have been kind enough to follow my blog.  I searched the forums on how to remove "Me" from the list.   I followed instructions step by step and I still can't remove "Me"!   I read comments from some blogging communities who make fun of people who follow their own blog!   I know all about "creepers" in the internet world and I've become one!!!!  I begin to panic.  Will anybody else notice?  What will they think? 
I guess I'll just ignore having Me as a Follower in my own blog and hope you will too.  I'm really not a "creeper". 
I just want you to know, I didn't do it!  It was Me!


  1. OMG...LMFAO!!!!!
    You are SO friggin hilarious......i HOPE and pray you posted this on FLICKR....I love love love it....this came out better than I imagined!!!!
    I will read this post EVERY TIME I need a pick me up....

  2. We should form a Support group for creepers, cause I'm one too! They say the first step is publicly admitting your that covered. If you will take on the presidents position, I will be the social director :)


  3. Great post, Diane, love the way you've written this !
    Thanks for your nice comment and becoming my follower, I'll follow you too :-)
    Nice evening,

  4. LOL !!! I don't think that anybody noticed that. I did not.
    I agree with Kathy, at least you admitted your problem.
    I am happy to have you as a follower.

  5. you are funny. hey, how can you expect anyone else to follow you if you don't even follow yourself? i think everyone follows themselves, don't they?

  6. I totally follow my own blog too...mostly so I can make sure that my posts go through.

  7. This was is so hilarious and well written! So funny that you didn't even realise you were following yourself.
    Well I just realised I haven't followed so there's one more!


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