Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frogs .....

.... they are all princes.  At least these are.   For many years I collected frogs.  Big frogs.  Little frogs.  Ugly frogs.   Cute frogs.  Funny frogs.  Glass frogs.  Frogs.   It wasn't my idea.   My husband started it with a notepad shaped like a frog.  This was 42 years ago.  Now, I must have over 150 frogs.  After awhile I simply got tired of them so I packed them up and they are sitting somewhere ... in the basement ... waiting for a tag sale.  There must be other people out there who collect them ... right?  Right?

These are the few that escaped the bubble wrap because they make me smile. 
Which one is your favorite?

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was Storyboards.


  1. Oh my gosh, these frogs are awesome! I love the texture and color too :)

  2. You have some adorable frogs, err, princes!

  3. I learned something new about you today D...I just love that you created this storyboard. It's perfect....I love the first one...the sleeping frog! ANd can I say....your header is awesome. I've yet to figure out how to do this. I especially like the shadow on your blog title. You rock D....really. xo

  4. I like your new look on the blog! Looks like you are gettin gready for spring. I like that frog in the upper right corner on wheels with his tonge sticking out. Plus, he's the only one of these frogs that is a prince :)


  5. The dancing frogs = definitely.
    I had the same issue with pigs year's ago, I liked them & my dad made sure I had plenty in my collection.

  6. Love you new header.. And your Story board is amazing. I love it.

  7. They are adorable but my favorite is the one with wheels!! So cute! (I do have a hard time with the 2-word verification though...it's really hard to read)


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