Thursday, August 30, 2012

~ "Catch a falling star . . .

. . . and put it in your pocket.
Never let it fade away."
Last Saturday we had a "play date"
with our very good friends.
We met up in Mystic, CT and planned our day.
We had lunch at Mystic Pizza (yup, same as the movie).
We took a scenic drive through Essex and Haddam
and stopped by Gillette's Castle.
Back to Mystic and had a nice dinner at Kitchen Little.
It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends
and it went by way too fast!
We didn't want it to end.
We said our goodbyes around 9:00 pm
and headed back home.
Along a stretch of road on Rt 2 it's very, very dark.
Tom and I had been going over our day and how much we enjoyed it.
And then .... it happened!
Simultaneously spotted!
(not my photo)
He said: "Was that a......"
I said:  "....shooting star!!!!!"
He said:  "Do you think it was fireworks?"
I said:  "No, definitely a shooting star!"
I was giddy!
My heart was racing!
I couldn't keep my eyes off of the sky in case it happened again!
This was only the second shooting star I've seen in my 60 years!
It's been said that if you see a shooting star with someone else that you
should both make a wish and that it would come true.
I quickly said "Make a wish."
I closed my eyes and made my wish.
My wish was that some new medication would come about that would take
all of my husband's health problems away.
A wasted wish?   Not in my heart.
I looked over at Tom and was so happy that
we saw this shooting star together.
It was a magical ending to a wonderful day!



  1. Loving this story & the photo at the end to reinforce your "catching that star"!
    Praying your wishes come true.

  2. Oh I do hope your wish comes true. I can't remember the last time I have seen a falling star...and what a lovely little photo rememberance of your wonderful day.

  3. Holy Freakin awesome hell D! I love it when you post and this warms my heart...and that back pocket shot is stellar! Seriously love when you post! xo

  4. OH....and you have a BEAUTIFUL fall motif...

  5. too cool! and I LOVE Mystic - so many neat shots and fabulous photo opportunities.

  6. What a fantastic day and indeed a magical way to end it! I hope your wish does come true, and sooner than later too. ;)

  7. Wonderful post! .....and I thought Kitchen Little was closed!

  8. Hello! Great post of a lovely experience.
    My wish to you both (although I didn't catch a falling star, I trust that reacting on someone's wish who did see one, counts too): May your wishes come true!

    I read some of your posts... I could copy/paste as they would perfectly fit me!
    The buying of things, "stuff", I will hardly ever use (if ever).... count me in!
    You know what? An idea just pops into my head while writing this... I'll put it on my blog today... maybe you can stop by and tell me what you think!

    The noises that drive me crazy, we have about 80% in common, and I could add a few of my own: someone eating an apple in my presence f.i.

    Have a nice noise free day! And maybe I'll see you later on my blog.

    Marleen (from Instagram Marl1een)

  9. I saw the Instagram photo and am so glad I know the story behind it...I'll add that wish for your husband to my wish list too!

  10. I love this pic and theme, also ... So enjoying your journey through blogland ...

  11. Ooh! Ooh! Oooh! We've been to Mystic and Mystic Pizza and Gillette's Castle!!! We went there a couple of years ago with friends. We didn't know about the Castle (we'd gone to the area to do the river boat/train ride), and saw the Castle from the boat. What a beautiful area!
    I do hope your wish on the shooting star comes true....

  12. Oh, and PS, we ate at Kitchen Little whlie we were in the area! So neat to read about places we've been!


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