Tuesday, August 21, 2012

~ Hello, my name is Diane .....

... and I'm a Craftaholic!
Yes, that's right.  I'm a craftaholic.
I don't know how it started.
I only know that I can't stop.
I have a closet full of craft paraphernalia.
Did I say "full"?  LOL  That's an understatement.
I should have said that I have a closet stuffed with the aforementioned.
Stuffed and shoved into every available (and unavailable) space.
So stuffed and shoved that I have lost track of what I have!
I have large plastic bins full of jewelry findings, beads, tools, etc.
I have large plastic bins full of yarn.  Every kind of yarn in every color imaginable.
So, why is it that when I find a pattern that I think I'm going to knit,
I don't go into this large bin and use what I have in my stash?
Why is it that I must go out and purchase the perfect skein of yarn for the project?
After all, I'll have a 40% off coupon.
Lord knows I can't waste a good 40% off coupon, right?
I have a bin full of micropens, sharpie pens, colored pencils
and special paper to do Zentangle!!!
Have I done Zentangle?  NO!
Will I ever? 
I recently bought a Sizzix Big Shot die cut machine.
So, of course I had to go out and buy every die that called my name.
Then I had to buy felt squares to die cut to make brooches.
Oh!  and then I had to buy tags to make for the holidays.
And then I had to buy stamps.
I have a bin full of stamps.  Rubber stamps.  Clear cling stamps.
Stamp pads in various colors.
Blue, red, green, black, orange, purple, white.....
I'm getting dizzy just thinking about all this stuff!!!!!
I need help.
I can't control this urge to run into a craft store....
coupons in hand....
running up and down the aisles.....
breathing heavily......
and I can't leave....no, I won't leave....
without a purchase!!!!!
Somebody stop me!!!!!


  1. I hear you on the yarn. I have 2 huge bins full, but have to go out and buy the perfect yarn for each project :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That's a ton of craft loot. My kids would have that strung from one end of the house to the other in no time, lol.

    I always get into trouble at Michaels. I try to stay away as long as possible ;)

  3. This post had me in absolute stitches from the very start right up to your last word!!! What a hoot you are, but I can so relate! I see so many things in your closet that I have in mine...and talk about those darn 40% off coupons. It's just a lure to get us in there so we can get a little off something we really don't need, and then buy $40 worth of more stuff we really don't need! Thanks for the giggles...no, thanks for the belly laugh! :D

  4. Step away from the craft store!!! Right now my obsession is apps, so I can relate!!

  5. I can so relate to everything you said.. I have the same problem.. I could almost open my own craft store.. I wonder if they have a 12 step program for crafters.. They gotta don't ya think..


  6. Back again... I posted "Shoot not buy" a few minutes ago as promised this morning. In that post I linked to your blog. I hope you don't mind, but in case you do, please don't hesitate to contact me and it will be removed.
    I hope you like my idea :-)

    And watch out for the falling stars....
    Good night!

  7. I think we all have stores that we need to stay away from - Mine being bookstores, mainly - But I have stayed away from Michael's for awhile, as well ... I have the BIG SHOT and I have not used it as of yet - Perhaps you can give me some tips ... So glad I returned to this wonderful blog! (I have Living in the Moment (www.kristinelivinginthemoment.blogspot.com) blog if are interested in visiting ...

  8. Goodness... found some! Well, the stuff, not the crafts itself... *$@^$#%^!!!


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