Friday, October 25, 2013

~ Happy Birthday ...

.... to my baby.
My son .... my baby .... will be 38 tomorrow (October 26th).
Thirty-eight!!!!  How the heck did that happen?
Where have the years gone?
1.  Here is his birth announcement. 
We spotted it while shopping one day but I didn't want to buy it yet.
We didn't know what we were having and although we both secretly
hoped for a boy
we didn't want to jinx it by buying it ahead of time.
So, after Keith was born and we were settled in our room for the night
my husband went out and drove 45 minutes away to buy
the announcements.
What a guy!!!
2.  My water broke while we were at a Halloween Party.
Yes, I was in costume.
I was dressed as a nun.
3.  Labor didn't start right away.  It felt like it took forever.
In fact, it was taking its sweet time so much that they decided
to wheel me up to my room to wait around up there.
Once in my room I announced I had to pee.
I tinkled and labor started immediately.
It started up so fast and furious that the nurse thought I was kidding.
She checked. 
Baby was crowning.
They plop me on a gurney and they are speeding down the hall ...
into the elevator ... down another hall ... 
and to the delivery room.
Just in time!
4.  Once in the delivery room it was a blink or two and ....
... this little guy was born!
Labor started at 10:30 a.m. ...
Keith was born at 11:59 a.m!!!
5.  Giving birth is quite the experience.
The range of emotions you go through during and after
is beyond description.
The same goes for motherhood.
It's an emotional occupation.
I worry that I haven't been the best mother that I could have been.
I still worry about him ....
is he okay?  Is he safe?  Is he healthy?
I can't take him by the hand anymore
and steer him away from things that aren't good.
He's a grown man.
He has his own life .... his own choices .... his own decisions.
Happy Birthday, Keith!
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  1. Wonderful post! I often feel the same way you do about my kids. But now that they are adults, there is little we can do. They have to find their own way. Not that we don't help them out now and then. Your son was a beautiful baby!

  2. So sweet!
    Yes - the emotions are all over the place after birth. I was going to become a nurse after having my, who can't stand puke, blood or look when they draw my blood at the needle! LOL!
    I'll be your son thinks you are the best mom ever - and I believe you are too!

  3. That was a precious post. Sons are wonderful at any age. Happy birthday to yours.

  4. Well Happy Birthday Keith you have an amazing story to tell your own kids about the night you were born. Your Mom is awesome I can tell. B

  5. I have already started training my blessing to accept the fact that she will *always* be my baby-even when her children have children :)

    Happy Birthday to your baby.

  6. I can relate to your post so well because my baby is 36. Yes, how did that happen?! He weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces. And I was hoping for a boy but didn't want to be disappointed. We have a lot in common! That's a sweet shot of you with your baby :)

  7. Happy Birthday Keith! That was a quick labor & delivery-My babies are 33 & 36, time sure flies.

  8. Our eldest just turned 38 August..
    Love the announcement..and that your husband went back.
    You made me smile for Halloween:-)
    You know the saying..Mothers hold their children's hands for a while their hearts forever:-)
    So true.
    The 2 best days of my life:-) and then 4 little grandchildren..more best days of a life.
    Have you seen the birth announcements these days?
    Diane he was looked like a child yourself:-)

  9. I LOVE this post.. Being a parent isn't for sissies that for sure. My daughter just turned 26 and has a son and I worry about them all the time. I LOVE that last photo.


  10. Well Happy Mother's Day to you! Yes, I celebrate Mother's Day on all of my children's birthdays. And on Mother's Day, I celebrate my MOM! I'm still laughing about your Halloween get up... Aloha and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KEITH

  11. I feel the same way...worry that I have not been the best of moms..I worry about their health now....and then I try my best to be the grandma I wish I had had.

  12. Happy belated birthday to your son! Motherhood is a journey, isn't it? One of my favourite motherhood quotes is by Beth Wilson Saavedra, "Becoming a mother is a process, not an event." (I hope I got that right.) And you have reflected that beautifully here.

    A nun, bwahahaha!

  13. What a delightful post! Loved how your labor started while you were dressed as a funny!

  14. A very sweet post. My one and only baby had his 36th birthday this year. Can't believe it. You had a short labor, that's for sure. And a beautiful baby to show for it.

  15. Geez, my oldest is 32 and it seems like yesterday he was in diapers...

  16. Happy birthday Keith. No kids, but my sweet goddaughter is 34. I keep thinking she just graduated from college, but it's quite a few years now.

  17. My oldest will be 48 in November, I am definitely not old enough to have a child that old. Great story, and such a cute baby!!

  18. Such a lovely post, Diane !
    Happy belated Birthday to your son !
    Nice week,

  19. A very happy belated birthday to your beautiful son! Love that photo of your both...and your adorable braids! xo

  20. Such a beautiful post! So happy for Kelly she has a friend like you!

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  22. Awwww thanks for sending me the link for this D! Love the pics and it's a great post. Keith is lucky to have u as a mom!!!


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