Tuesday, February 14, 2017

~ Love Letters . . .

. . . and memories.
Tom and I were not very big on celebrating Valentine's Day.
We always felt that we showed and shared plenty of love throughout the year.
No dinners to fancy restaurants.
No elaborate gifts to each other.
Just love.
Plain and simple.

Throughout the year we wrote love letters to each other.
Yes, we did!
Pretty much every single day.
Sometimes the love letters were a page long.
Sometimes they were on sticky notes.
When I was working, I was up and out of the house before he was.
I'd leave a love letter in his coffee cup.
When I'd get home from work before him,
there would be a love letter waiting for me.
When he would go on business trips I would pack love letters with his clothes.
He would find them in his shirt pockets.
In his suit jacket pockets.
In his rolled up socks.
In his trouser pockets.
And I'd find one under my pillow from him.
When I stopped working and he worked from home,
the love letters didn't stop.
We'd each find sticky notes with "I Love You" written on them.
Sticky notes everywhere.
I miss the love letters.
I wish I had kept them.
But I have the memories.
The memories of a love that will never die.

One day, about 2 weeks after Tom died,
I was looking for some paperwork that I would need
to bring to Probate Court.
I couldn't find the paperwork.
In my frustration and my grief I just sat on the floor
and cried my eyes out.
An envelope full of old receipts fell from one of the shelves.
Stuck to it was one of Tom's love letters to me.
Gosh, this was written at least 8 years ago when I was still working.
From the sounds of the letter, it was a tough weekend.
He had probably been taken to the hospital from experiencing
heart failure.

The letter goes:
"Good morning,
It sure was a long weekend. 
I prefer they were a little easier.
I'm sure glad that I have you!!
You make me want to go on so we can have a long life in retirement together.
I appreciate all of your support and most important your love.
I want you to realize that I really do love you
and I have loved you all my life.
You are all of my being.
I don't know what I would do without you.
I really believe my health will be fine
and all the bad stuff is behind us.
I will really try to get better.
Know I love you.
Hope your day goes by fast.
I will be looking forward to you coming home.
I love you 3 whole bunches.
OMG, I love that man.
I'm still in love with him.

Thank you Tom for loving me
and giving me so many wonderful memories.
You truly are my "once in a lifetime"
and my "happily ever after."
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Absolutely Beautiful . . .
    What a treasure your Tom was to you . . .
    What a treasure you were to him.
    I loved his love note that fell out from the receipts . . .
    A serendipity needed moment indeed . . .
    Happy Day Diane, hug those memories . . .
    My caring . . .

  2. Hi Diane,
    What a beautiful and touching post! So happy you were able to read those words of love when you truly needed them! It reminds me of how important our words and acts of love are!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and thank you as well for visiting my blog today!!
    I appreciate your sweet words!
    Big Heart Hugs to you~

  3. Hello Diane, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. This post is so heartwarming from the memories of love letters between you and your late husband to finding that one special note just when you needed it.
    I read the previous post as well and am quite surprised to hear you had a TIA, that's a scary thought. I'll be 65 next week and my health has been pretty good and no medications so far but it doesn't hurt to live each day to the fullest, does it?
    Hoping you had a nice Valentine's Day and were remembered by friends or family.

  4. Absolutely wonderful memories. Thank you for the courage to share

  5. Memories are an amazing gift - what a beautiful love story you & Tom have.

  6. Hi Diane. This is the most romantic post I have ever read. Such a wonderful love story. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear Love. You were so very blessed to have such a special bond with your husband. Such beautiful memories. Sending hugs and good thoughts your way. Also, I love the photos. Such beautiful hearts!

  7. Diane..my heart breaks for you..because I can feel the loss you are feeling..you two were a couple that had no bounds..the kind that does remain.. forvever and a day.
    You do still love him..as he does you.Some loves are eternal..yours is.
    Your hand made hearts show me again how creative you are.They are charming..all..

    W enter into marriage young..usually no ills no chills..all pretty and nice and romantic..I say you better love and LIKE that person..because things change..illnesses..accidents..life can change in one moment and you can be thinking.. we're so lucky..nothing wrong..in a HEARTBEAT..not so..
    you were caring and loving..and demonstrate what true love and caring are.
    I wish ..there could be some peace for you..something ..♥
    Take care..I hope you chat with us more often.

  8. Good morning Diane...
    This post brought back wonderful memories for me...
    When my boyfriend travelled a lot for his work I used to tuck small notes into his suitcase...with my special perfume scent added to them.
    My highschool sweetheart and I are still together..after nearly 45 years of marriage.
    I can only imagine how you must feel...
    I do enjoy your writings...very honest and straightforward...
    Sorry for your sadness....happy for your treasured memoriesđź’•
    And...I agree with the lovely Monique...let's chat more often...
    Linda :o)

  9. Hi Diane - For some reason I was getting your blog through email, and somehow that stopped. I signed up again tonight - Beautiful Post - Sounds like we have the same type of heart - Wide Open! Kristine Xx

  10. Oh Diane...what a lovely post! I am very happy that you shared such a true love with Tom. My hubby and I started out with all those love notes, and then kids and work and the daily grind set in, and the notes dwindled. Now that the kiddies are all grown up, well, it's just like before. And this year is our 30th anniversary. Thanks for sharing. It made my day!

  11. What a truly beautiful post this is, Diane, and I am so glad that you found this.
    You were very fortunate to have had Tom for all the years that you did, and he surely was fortunate to have you.
    Sending you hugs.

  12. Oh Diane...what a lovely post! I am very happy that you shared such a true love with Tom. My hubby and I started out with all those love notes, and then kids and work and the daily grind set in, and the notes dwindled. Now that the kiddies are all grown up, well, it's just like before. And this year is our 30th anniversary. Thanks for sharing. It made my day!

  13. Such a lovely post... But when I found that Tom is no more, I literally cried... A big hug...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  14. This is a beautiful post, Diane. I'm so fortunate to still have my hubby by my side going on 46 years now. So sweet that you
    found the love letter from your beloved. Take care. xx Cheryl

  15. Oh...what a sweet and beautiful little letter. Your story has inspired me to write more sticky notes to my husband while we are both still here.

  16. Oh what a sweet post- and how lucky to find the love letters. My husband and I don't really celbrate Valentine's Day- just a card- and absolutely no candy since he is a diabetic. But I write him little notes and stick them in his lunch box, and now with cell phones I text him simple I love yous.
    Have a blessed weekend and it's nice to find you again.

  17. 'Writing love letters to each other almost every day' ... how sweet and touching !
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories, Diane !
    Have a nice weekend,

  18. Ohhh my word D...I have goose bumps. What beautiful memories and I'm so glad that love letter came to you when it did. It's the same for Frankie and I...notes in secret hiding place. This post is so endearing. Thank you for your honesty and openness. xoxo D.


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