Monday, November 28, 2016

~ Thankful ...

.... that I made it through a recent storm in my life.
Having been pretty dang healthy all of my life I rarely thought of anything
major (health wise) happening to me.
But lo and behold.....
on the evening of November 4th at around 7 p.m.
I experienced a TIA.
A TIA is a Transient Ischemic Attack. 
It happens when blood flow to part of the brain is either blocked or reduced,
often by a blood clot.
After a short time, blood flows again and the symptoms go away
unlike a stroke where the blood flow stays blocked and the brain
has permanent damage. 
But a TIA is a definite warning.
It means that I am likely to have a stroke in the future.
I read that after a TIA up to 10 out of 100 will have a stroke within 2 days.
17 out of 100 will have a stroke within 90 days.
I feel like I am walking on pins and needles.
I feel like I'm in a blurred world.
My right arm felt like it had been chopped off. 
It lay limp by my side.
At the same time it felt as if someone shined
a spotlight in my face.
I was in a panic.
I was in the hospital from Friday night to Monday night.
Went through all kinds of tests.
CT Scan.....clear
Carotid Arteries......clear
Echo cardiogram......clear
Echo Transesophageal Procedure.....clear
MRI.....showed that an embolic event took place
Blood pressure at one point in the hospital reached 187/110
So, I'm on a new cholesterol medication and a bp medication.

I've always watched my diet but I am being really cautious now.
I had to wear a monitor for 2 weeks.
Possible Atrial Fibrillation could have played a part in having the TIA.
Results won't come in for a few more weeks.

Funny thing is....I'm turning 65 in December.
So, is this what happens when you turn 65?
You start to fall apart?
I gotta laugh at myself about that!

 Anyway, I'm hoping that it's nothing but blue skies from this point.
The only remnants of the TIA is some minor weakness in my right hand/arm occasionally.
And of course the thought of having another TIA or a stroke
is constantly on my mind.
So now, when I wake up in the morning, the first things on my mind are:
1.  Tom isn't here
2.  I had a TIA

I have to change that.
I'm so very thankful that I did not have a full blown stroke.
It was a wake-up call.
A tap on the shoulder.
A slap upside the head.

I think I'm on the right track.
I think someone special was watching over me.



  1. Omg D...I wish I lived closer to hold your hand, make soup, keep you company...I am here for you-I'm gonna be checking in on you-a lot. I'm grateful it wasn't worse as I'm sure that was scary enough. I know you'll be careful and love every moment-sending hugs your way D

  2. Take good care of yourself.

  3. When something goes wrong with us and we thought we were invincible it ia a rude awakening.everything looks different..especially if it is something that changes your life.If it goes forget.If it stays.nothing is the same.Doubly awakening on ones own..
    I know things can happen when you are young..even very young..but like they say..getting older is not for sissies..and accidents can happen anytime.
    Take care of yourself..I feel for you.

  4. I'm sure that was very frightening. Take care and I'm sending prayers.

  5. Oh, Diane, I am so sorry that this happened to you.
    However, I am so glad that you are okay.
    This actually just happened to a favorite aunt of mine, and although she is fine now, you mirror her exact same concerns here.
    Take good care of you, and I hope that very soon, the second thing you think of in the morning, will be something other than the TIA.

  6. Your Blog Is Gorgeous. Your writing zips straight to the heart. Thank you for sharing . . I'm Convinced You are Deeply Loved, Cared For and yes, Watched Over. Be Well & Happy.

  7. Oh my.....that surely was a slap upside the head!
    Glad you came out the other end...a wee bit wiser and okay.
    Be well...
    Linda :o)

  8. Oh my, that is scary! I am so glad that you got that warning and can hopefully keep it under control. I am 63. Sure hope that doesn't happen to me when I turn 65. :)

  9. Wow, that must have been so frightening. I am sure it still is. But now you know and that is always a good thing so now you can fix it .....right?. 65 yikes I am early I have been falling apart for a couple of years now and I am only 63 sigh. But we both will be fine because someone special is looking out for us. Now we just have to take care of ourselves that is the secret. Take care. Hugs B

  10. I thought I'd posted a response yesterday buy lo and behold, it isn't here. I see blue skies ahead for you Diane..... I had a similar incident back in 2000 and my BP went to 220/180 and close to a full blown stroke. I'm still here, still kickin 16 years later :-) And I too, really enjoy your writing :-)

  11. Oh, Diane, so sorry to read this ... but glad it wasn't worse and you're feeling better now ...
    Thinking of you ...
    Take care,

  12. Man oh man how very scary. I've never heard of such a thing! I too get to laughing when something happens to me thinking... but, but, but...
    sure I'm "old"... but I'm NOT old. I am glad to hear your on the mend and that the situation is being watched and managed :-)
    big hugs,

  13. wow, it looks like i am glad i stopped in today. i saw your comment on other blog and thought, wow, i have not stopped in, in a long while. sorry about that. back now. life with me has been stressful, my hubby is going through some work stress, big time, it is hard to see the ones you love in a hard time. i understand what it is like going through a different, or difficult time. thinking about you. glad to hear you are mending ok. big big hugs. ( :

  14. Oh Diane I've been meaning to stop by. When I read T.I.A. my heart started pumping fast oh no dear friend. I had my first T.I.A. at 22 yrs old! I have since had 3 more episodes and I'm almost 37. I am pretty damn healthy too. There is still no explanation to why these occur, i believe it is the deep throbbing vein in my leg which I asked to get stripped and was told "oh no that"s a cosmetic surgery".Enough about me, but honey I know what this feels like and scary it is indeed. Your in my thoughts and prayers. I'll make an effort to stop by more often. Sending virtual healing vibes your way.

  15. Dear Diane,
    that must have been very scary and I hope everything is fine now. Stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Take good care of yourself.
    Many hugs,

  16. Oh Diane...I'm glad you are ok. Please take good care of yourself. Sending you all the very best intentions for good health. Aloha, Friend.


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