Sunday, February 15, 2015

~ Be My ....

Tom and I never went overboard on this Hallmark holiday ....
but I found myself exceptionally sad yesterday.
I love candles.  Any kind of candles.
Pillar, taper, floating, votive, tea light ....
I love them.
So I treated myself to some candles yesterday.
They're unscented but they are ...
drip candles!!! 
Yup, drip candles.
Love that!
I also won the giveaway at Wayside Treasures and I received
the goods on Friday ... just in time for Valentine's Day.
The box was filled with goodies!
Here's what it looked like when I pried it open ...
How sweet is that?
...... and then .....
I almost didn't want to tear these little packages apart ....
(but just for a nano second) ....
then I tore them apart
and found ...
What wonderful treasures to brighten up my Valentine's Day.
Dove chocolates .... dark, thank you very much.
the cutest little felt hearts
and then a mug wearing the cutest sweater accompanied with some tea
and a loose leaf tea infuser ...
How lucky was I!!!
It's almost as if Tom didn't want me to be without a little something
on my first Valentine's Day alone.
I will always
your love ....
Please take a moment to visit Sandi at Wayside Treasures


  1. Very adorable your candles..and your happy you won:)
    Jacques and I don't go overboard either..I get the littles stuffed animals etc..but for each other..I always say..nothing not even a card:) He had one yesterday for me..But he said in a funny little way..don't worry Dollar store:)
    I do like to bake for it though..I think you would have laughed at me when I was newly married with our first daughter..I made us matching skirts w/ a heart on the pocket.
    I was utterly into hearts back then.
    Diane..I think of you so often..every occasion..every change of season..every day.. every hour..that you remember must be so deep.
    I would and will be like you should the same be for us.
    I am glad you can share with us..and glad you have family..
    Take care..

  2. It looks like you had a lovely Valentine's Day full of pretty treats. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  3. Oh my . . . tender, sweet, loving . . . a few tears too.
    Now I must read more about Tom . . .

  4. I hear a slight smile here, and that make my heart so happy. xo.

  5. What a nice timing to get that at a time where you needed a little lift to your day.

  6. Oh Dear Diane
    Beautiful images of the gift you received from Wayside Treasures! Those sweet little felted hearts and the drip candles will keep your heart alight during these hard
    Thanks for taking the time to drop over to my blog and leave a comment. I do hope some inspiration comes to fill your precious heart!
    x Suzy

  7. A hard holiday alone even if one created and strongly promoted by commercialism. Such a blessed package of love. Sometimes the love we lost is cushioned by the love we find.


  8. Those are some sweet gifts :)

  9. Such lovely gifts to brighten up your day, Diane !
    Thinking of you ...

  10. How nice you won such nice stuff for Valentine's Day! Of course, dark chocolate is the very best! Love, Pam

  11. I am so glad that you won that on that very day! I remember how shocked I was the first Valentine's Day without my love. I gained insight to single people who had never married how hurtful the day must seem to them. Watching and episode of Hawaii 50 yesterday that ended at the Arizona Memorial brought me to sobbing remembering our trip to Oahu. Even after nine years of widowdom (actual word?), there are things that bring this response about. Sometimes a good cry is what is needed. Feeling for you.
    BTW, thank you for your comment on my haiku.

  12. Timing is everything! D-your man is with you-I can feel it all the way across the left side of the coast! Beautiful prize (especially that crocheted cozy)and and I hope u take pics of the drip candles. Love ya.

  13. ^^^ totally agree with Kelly!

  14. So strong of you to find the good in a day that can hurt so much. Happy days to you. hugs and JOY,

  15. Such sweet treasures to come your way, just in time for Valentine's Day.

  16. If anyone deserved this special gift it was you. What a great surprise to have on Valentine's Day. Those 1st one's without loved ones are always the hardest so I'm glad you received something special and also treated yourself to the lovely candles.

  17. I am so glad that these small gifts made your day. This world can sure use a lot more kindness. Hugs to you Diane!!

  18. So many nice goodies. I so glad you treated yourself to some nice candles. You deserve it.

    My Happy Place

  19. How special that you received them for Valentine's Day. Holidays without loved ones can't be described only felt......

  20. Oh Diane, I'm glad to see you treated yourself with the drip candles and that you received these sweet gifts of love. Take care dear.

  21. You've been in my thoughts and prayers these days; just remember..."It takes as long as it takes"...grief cannot be rushed or ignored and each of us travel the same journey, alone.

  22. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Oh yes, Tom is looking out for you. I love candles, too. They are like my friends and keep me company. Especially throughout this crazy winter here in the northeast. What cool candle holder do you plan to "drip" on? Don't forget to snap a shot to share! I think I need a cutesy teacup cozy. Lovely post, Diane. I, too, am right by your side with all your other friends here in blogland! ALOHA

  23. What a wonderful and sweet gift to receive, Diane. Hope you are fine.

  24. Such a tender story. I love that the little treasures sparked loving memories - that is the real gift.

  25. Thinking of you Diane...with much Aloha!

  26. Sweet gifts! Timing is everything! You deserve it.


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