Sunday, October 30, 2016

~ Trick or Treat ....

.... raise your hand if you remember the excitement of shouting those 3 little words?
Yes, Halloween!
That special night.
Fright night.
Candy night.
Rushing through supper so you could get out early and stay out late.
Sometimes you were lucky and didn't need to wear your winter coats
underneath your costume.
Running through the neighborhoods
and collecting pillowcases full of sweets.
Good times!
I love the colors of Halloween.
I love the decorations of Halloween.

I wish you could smell this pumpkin tart.
It smells delicious!
Tom bought me this trio of ghosts one year.
I treasure it.
It makes me smile.
And those little ghosts are sticking out their tongues!
While growing up I noticed that my mother loved "the unknown".
She enjoyed books about dream interpretation.
She enjoyed fortune telling.
In fact, these cards belonged to her.
True story.....
When I was about 16
I went to a fortune teller at the beach.
She told me that I would marry at a reasonably young age.
She told me how many children I would have.
She said my true love would have dark hair
and dark eyes.
She said we would fall in love, break up for a short time
but would get back together and marry.
At the time I believed to be in "love" with a neighborhood boy.
He had blondish hair and blue eyes.
"What the heck does she know!" I squawked. 
 Less than two years later
Tom walked into my life.
He had dark hair and dark eyes.
We fell in love....broke up for 3 months
but realized we were meant to be.
We married when he just turned 20 and I turned 19.
Mom also loved the Ouija Board.
To my older sisters horror, Mom came home with "the board" one day.
My sisters were afraid to touch it.
My younger brother and I were eager to put it to use.
Mom would watch, all the time claiming "it's not real"
but the look on her face made it quite clear that she wasn't sure.
My brother and I quickly realized that we controlled the board.
Needless to say, we used this "power" to our advantage.
Mom didn't want to take any chances.
And with that
I wish you all a Happy Halloween!
Oh, before I go....
Mr. Bones wanted to say "hello"
He's been rattling around the house for weeks
just waiting for me to ask him to pose.
Trick Or Treat
Smell My Feet
Give Me Something Good To Eat


  1. Fun post . . .
    Love the ghost trio . . .
    Keep smiling!

  2. Dianne..I love when you post I wish you would post more often..I think it does the heart good to tell the world how special and loved someone was ..and still is in our lives..the depth of your love for Tom has been visible since I "met" you..I remember when you would wrap Xmas presents ..ahead of had so many!
    That Mr Bones is quite something..
    looking forward to your next post:)Take care..Monique

  3. PS Diane love that photo!The header!

  4. PS Diane love that photo!The header!

  5. Oh my, I have a Miss Bones that would surely love to meet Mr. Bones. She dresses for the seasons and especially likes to deck out for Christmas. Lol!

  6. Such a fun Halloween post this is! I enjoyed every word. Love also your little ghost candle.. so cute

  7. Well, hello there, Mr. Bones!!!!
    What a great post this is, Diane, but best of all you sound cheerful, and that makes me smile.

  8. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday but I don't dislike it. I live near Salem, MA where Halloween is a really, really big deal. The entire town is a crazy crowded party pretty much the entire month of October. There are fireworks and a ferris wheel set up in the middle of town. If you like Halloween you would love October in Salem.

  9. Oh my....I'm just smiling ear to ear D. I adore the pose Mr Bones is giving. The lighting is fabulous and it screams Halloween!! I agree with another follower, you "sound" cheerful and your wit is in full view!! Love ya!

  10. I'm not real big on Halloween, but it is kind of fun. :) Love the cute ghosts. Have a spook-tacular day!

  11. Hi Diane...
    I saw you over at my fav blog...Monique's La Table de Nana...and I was instantly drawn to you.
    I read thru a few of your older posts, and now I understand why everyone is so happy to see you posting!
    I see a lot of my other favs here too...great minds,eh?
    Your photography is amazing...mind if I come back often?
    Linda :o)
    ps...would love you to visit....

  12. Ah I fell in love with the image of the Gypsy Witch cards! Thanks for sharing your memories.

  13. Great post, Diane! Not a big fan of Halloween, because there are thousands of folks who come out to an otherwise small community. But the community does it right...the police department hosts a hay ride that goes all through the town, there's usually a haunted's a big deal. But, I dust off my broom, and don my pointy hat, and dole out those 2000 pieces of candy to the littles. And btw, some of them are not littles, and not even with littles. Whatever. And ooo, I spied those Gypsy Witch cards, too! How fun! Mr Bones' pose is spooktacular!

  14. Glad to see you back on blogging - let it help heal you.
    As for Trick or Treat........I had a little one come to the door the other night & he said, "trick or treat - treat me like you want to be treated". Loved this - so, so sweet!

  15. Hope yours was a good one with all those wonderful memories of you and Tom!...:)JP

  16. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories. I loved Halloween and especially looked forward to coming home and going through all the goodies.

  17. Wonderful memories - I remember so many from my childhood and that of my children - a fun holiday.

  18. Such a great post, Diane, those little ghosts are so cute !
    Lovely memories ... I find the story of the fortune teller so touching !
    Have a nice week,

  19. What a Great post Diane,Love the stories of your mom.
    Sounds like the Fortune teller was right on target!!!
    Hugs Lynn


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