Sunday, April 27, 2014

~ Absence ...

... makes the heart grow fonder.
Does it?
I've been absent for such a long time (it seems) ... has anyone missed me?
Wait ... don't answer that! 
So much has been going on ... where do I start?
Mother Nature is taking her sweet time sprinkling Spring around here.
We had about 3 days of almost summer-like weather and then ...
wham ... Winter came back. 
Cold ... brisk ... and all them other wintry adjectives!
So, I had to go out and buy me a bouquet of Spring.
I wish they could have lasted forever!!!!
But, like Spring, they didn't.
Hey!  Big, big, big news.
We bought a condo.  In New Hampshire.
It is totally gutted so we can put our own spin on renovating it.
Exciting and frightening at the same time.
So, we've been pretty busy with the closing and trying to organize
making appointments to hire
electricians, plumbers, general contractors ....
And a lot of this will be done long distance.
And I've got this house to de-clutter and get ready to sell.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
But you'll all be going through it with me as I believe it will be a great subject
to post about.
Other big news.
I did it!
I got up the nerve!
I had approximately 22 inches of my hair cut off.
It is now shoulder length.
I have donated the cut tresses to "Locks For Love".
It was time.
On a sad note, I just discovered that "A Rural Journal" is no longer.
I so enjoyed Nancy's blog and I will miss her humor and her stories.
Best wishes Nancy!
Now ... I'm off to make me a cup of
mocha cappuccino and catch up with all of your blogs!