Sunday, April 16, 2017

~ Easter ....

I've got a basket full of them.
I have the little treasures scattered here...
and there...
and who knows where!
This one almost looks edible.
I like to collect holiday trinkets.
If Tom were here
he would be supporting my habit.

We were quite the pair!
He loved it when I would place these little trinkets throughout the house.
When that holiday was over he would laugh
because he knew that I would forget one or two
of the trinkets
and one of us would find it sitting in its designated spot
long after the holiday had passed.
One of my "peeps".
This one favorite.
He's got attitude!
This is the first time....
in a long time....
that Easter, Greek Orthodox Easter and Passover
fall during the same period.
Not sure when that will happen again.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day!
Looks like I will be spending a good part of tomorrow
gathering my trinkets
and putting them away until next year!

Monday, April 3, 2017

~ When You Least.....

...expect it.
All day Friday and most of Saturday (April Fools Day)
Mother Nature played a joke on New England.
She coated us with approximately 14 inches of snow.
Yup.....she did.

Sure, it was lovely to look at.
But heck.....we're yearning for Spring
and she just doesn't seem to want to hand it out to us.

But today she surprised us
and gave us the sunniest day
with temperatures reaching 57 degrees.
The snow is melting beautifully....yay!!!!!
So, a good friend of mine and I decided to take a ride to the beach
in search of the snowy owl who has been spotted there.
It wasn't our first hunt for the great snowy owl.
We've gone there many times scoping out areas
where he/she has been spotted.
But....sadly...we never saw him/her.
Until today.
Crossing over a bridge we noticed a handful of photographers
down in a parking lot to our left.
Julie quickly found a spot to turn the car around
and we headed over to see what was going on.
Imagine our surprise....delight.....excitement
when we asked one of the photographers what was getting
everyone's attention.
He quickly pointed out the "snowy owl".
Julie and I just looked at each other
and started shooting....
trying to be as quiet as possible as everyone was
so as not to frighten the owl. 
She was a beauty.

I didn't realize that only the males are almost all white.
The females have more flecks of blackish-brown plumage.
And I didn't know that snowy owls are ground nesters.
She just sat there....basking in the sun....
ignoring everyone and all of the commotion she was causing.
When she did move a preen herself....
there was a flurry of camera clicks.
She ignored it.....

.....and went back to sunbathing.
What a treat!
After taking our shots,
Julie and I walked back to the car....
quietly got in....
shut the doors....
looked at each other....
and screamed our fool heads off like two little girls.
Yup.....when you least expect it!