Saturday, March 31, 2012

~ It's Time To Meet . . . .

. . . Sassy Sadie.
My alter ego.
She's a dame.
In fact, she's a Private Eye.
Not a Dick.
Must be a Jane.
She's as smart a dame as they get.
She's got stories as long as her legs.
She's got a raspy voice
not due to smoking
but because she talks ...
a lot.
By the way, she does not smoke.
She has someone else light it.....
she just likes the smoky haze it makes around her
to camouflage her fine lines and wrinkles.
meet Sassy Sadie.

Kelly and I decided to have
some fun with B&W .... Film Noir
for our March selfie
so you should head over to Kelly
and see what B&W self-portrait she came up with.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

~ The Sky Is . . .

. . . BLUE
and so is my balloon!!!

"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon."  ~  Winnie The Pooh

Join the fun over at "Beyond Layers"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~ In The . . .

. . . PINK!!!!!
Raise your hand if you cannot control the urge
to pop those little bubbles
whenever you see bubble wrap!
I'm guilty of that!
Heck, I've even wrapped things in half popped bubble wrap!
There's something theraputic about bursting those little things
and I kind of like the sound they make.
So, go and find yourself some bubble wrap.
I'll wait . . .
Found some?
Now . . .
1 . . .
2 . . .
3 . . .

Have some fun over at Beyond Layers

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~ A Week Of Color . . .

. . . this week
it's a week of color...
wonderful, bright, vivid color.
Yesterday's color was Green. 
Behold my green ice cream scoop.
Look closely ....
.... it's a frog shaped ice cream scoop!
Today's color is Yellow
Lemon Verbena Yardley Soap!
The scent is wonderful.
The color is delicious!
And it lathers up wonderfully!
Hmmmmm......I feel like taking a shower!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

~ Green . . .

. . . like Gumby.
Yes, Gumby believes he's Irish.
This morning he woke me up
" ♫ When Irish eyes are smiling  ♪ . . . "
he wanted me to tell each and every one of you
"Happy St. Patrick's Day"

If you have some time,
head on over to
and find out how this little guy
came into my life.

Friday, March 9, 2012

~ Music . . .

. . . is today's "March Photo A Day Challenge" prompt.
I love music.
Any kind of music.
Music makes me happy.
Music can alter my mood ....
happy ....
sad ....
melancholy ....
excited ....
I love music.
If I didn't have music in my life,
I believe I definitely would be depressed.
I've got the music in me!
I'm also a closet singer.
Oh yeah!
I sing in the car and in the shower.
In my mind I'm a rock star
singing loud and proud
not always getting the words right!
And....I've always had a weakness
for bass players.
My favorite genre?
...down and dirty blues.
Lay it on me, baby!
♫    ♪   ♫

Thursday, March 8, 2012

~ Dream

Today's March Photo A Day Challenge prompt is "Dream"
There are different kinds of dreams ....

When I fall asleep at night
I sometimes wonder
what kind of dreams I'll have.
I love to dream.
I even have a book on dream interpretations.

Unlock your dreams ....
Dreams .... as in hopes and wishes.

A wonderful friend gave me this pocket charm.
I keep it with me constantly.
It reminds me to not lose sight of what I want....
to wish it....
to dream it....
to do it....

"Only as much as I dream can I be" ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~ March Photo A Day Challenge .....

I'm all for trying out things
when I saw Kelly playing along
then you just know that I had to join in on the fun!
Today's prompt challenge is "Fruit".
I'm ashamed to say that I don't usually have
fruit in the house.
It's not that we don't like fruit
whenever we do have fruit in the house
it's a real treat!
I did have an apple.
There's nothing quite delicious as a
crisp, tart, juicy apple......huh?

I also had some dried apricots.
I don't eat these ....
but my husband devours them.
I do have to add that he LOVES
chocolate covered apricots!

With that said.......can we talk about other fruits.....
the kind that I usually eat.
Like .......
lemons .....
and cherries ....
and oranges .....
and strawberries .....
These are fruit flavored and fruit filled
so why can't they count?
better yet
how about
my all time favorite ....
(Kelly, are you ready for this?)
Ta-da ♫ .....
Oh yeah!
Go ahead ......
throw your head back
and scream with delight!
You know you want to!!!!!!