Friday, February 28, 2014

~ Goodbye ...

... to February!
1.  Can you believe that this is the last day of February?
Wow ... wow ... wow!
It has been a very long month.
Snowy ... frigid ... challenging ... exhausting ...
I, for one, am happy to bid it Au Revoir.
I am hoping that March will be milder ... warmer ... calmer.
But they are predicting that we will be crapped on blessed
by another snow storm on Sunday night through Monday
with accumulations of possibly 6+ inches.
Mother Nature, bite me!
2.  My Christmas Cactus must have sensed that I needed something to make me smile
since it decided to bloom ... again!
It was a happy sight.
3.  I finally organized ... somewhat ... my craft closet.
I can't tell you how great that made me feel.
Now I know and can see where things are ...
all packed in their assigned clear bins.
I felt like beating my chest and doing the Tarzan shout.
Now, if only I could find/make the time to do something
with all of my craft paraphernalia.
4.  I am so proud of my dear friend Kelly
for opening her Etsy shop.
Woot-woot girlfriend!!!
Please check out her post here which will lead you to her Etsy shop.
5.  Again, I want to apologize to all of you who have visited
me these past few weeks and I've neglected to
visit you.
The fog from last week is finally lifting and I promise....
that I will get back into my routine of visiting and commenting.
I appreciate your understanding and your blog love.
Thank you!
Join the fun over at Nancy's

Now .... I'm going to sit and take in the beauty of this plant!

Friday, February 21, 2014

~ Exhausted ...

... and a little cwanky.
Dazed and confused.
But determined to play along with Nancy and Random 5 Friday.

It has been quite a week.  Long week. 
A "never-want-to-repeat" week.
I haven't had time to visit your blogs yet and/or reply to
all of you who have visited my blog and left lovely comments.
I apologize.
1.  Tom went into the hospital on Monday.
His cardiologist wanted to run tests and have other specialists take a look at him.
So up to Floor 10/Cardiology Unit we went.
2.   Get off the elevator and take a left to Center 10.
On Monday he saw his cardiologist and he informed us that the following day
he'd be seen by a multitude of doctors to try to get to the bottom
of why he is feeling so crappy.
Maybe change his meds up.  Take him off some.  Put him on others.
Call me crazy but I find it difficult to leave Tom in the hospital.
But we arrived at the hospital at 7:00 a.m. and it's 7:30 p.m.
and we're both exhausted.
So I leave.
Crying as I'm headed to the elevators.
3.  But I'm back there at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning and
on Wednesday morning and Thursday ... and yes, today ... Friday!
Tom is seen by every specialist possible.
He's given every test possible.
Now, we already know he has congestive heart failure and renal failure.
Congestive heart failure re-confirmed with a new find ... he has two leaky valves.
Renal failure re-confirmed ... prognosis is that dialysis will most likely be
part of his life in 3 to 5 years (if not sooner).
Lungs tested ... COPD and emphysema.
And nodule(s) found on his lungs.
Inhaler recommended.  A second CAT scan in 3 months
to check the nodule(s) on his lungs.
He's not happy.
4.  He's tired because he's not sleeping because the beds are so freakin' uncomfortable.
He's hungry because the food is ... well ... awful.
He wants to go home but they want to do more tests.
And they do.
The Electro-Cardiologist is recommending a new, super-duper
The one he has now has the heart's upper and lower chambers
beating at separate times which just makes him exhausted
because the heart's chambers are ... well ... fighting each other.
This new device would have a new wire leading to a separate section
of his heart and it would have the heart's chambers
pumping at the same time.
5.  I get there on Wednesday morning and he is spitting fire.
He didn't get a wink of sleep even though he was given a sleep aid.
He can't eat anything because they want to take more tests.
He's barking and howling and I'm trying my best to calm him down.
He isn't being a very good patient.
I feel awful.
Mid-afternoon it is decided that the defibrillator/pacemaker
will be replaced on Thursday.
Nothing to eat after midnight.
And he's starving because he isn't eating much.
To make a long story short .... Thursday comes ... no food ... no drink ... because of the procedure.
We wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.
The nurse comes in at 3:00 p.m. and tells us that his procedure has been
The anesthesiologist says that Tom's sodium levels are too low.
Tom is not happy and tells everyone that he WILL be
discharged on Friday.
He exploded and rightly so.
So, I picked him up today and got him out of that joint!
The procedure will be scheduled for a later time.
He will sleep like a baby tonight in his own bed.
He will eat some good food.
Now, if only I could find a magic wand that would make him all better.

Friday, February 14, 2014

~ Dang it ...

... is it Friday already? 
I wasn't prepared for this.
So, I'm going to have to fly by the seat of my pants here and indulge in
.... drum roll please ....
Oh.  And Gumby Friday (snort!)
1.  For the love of all creatures ... big and small ...
Punxsutawney Phil
and Connecticut's own Chuckles
are mere rodents.
They both predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
We got "blessed" with 11 inches of snow yesterday and are expecting
another 1 to 6 inches tomorrow.
Sure...sure.  It looks pretty.
It almost hypnotizes you as you watch all of the little flakes
fall from the sky.
But I'm here to tell you that it sucks!
Especially when you (me) has to shovel it and/or drag the dang snow blower out.
I'm done with winter.
With that said ....
2.  Who's up to trying some groundhog stew?
Lots of protein.
Punx Phil, I'm talking to you.
3.  Gumby wanted to go outside to play.
But Miss Procrastination (yup, she's still around)
hasn't knitted him a scarf yet.
So, we decided to watch the snow fall together.
From inside.  Where it's warm.
It was nice for a while but looking out at all of that white stuff
started to give us a headache.
Not to mention how irritating the sound of the plow trucks were.
Don't get me wrong ... they're just doing their job.
But still ... they are my enemy!
4.  Gumby insisted on standing by the window for a pose.
He was amazed at how much snow was out there and how cold it looked.
He was grateful that I insisted that we stay inside.
We had new windows put in a few years ago.
Best thing ever!
They're the type that you just pull in to clean.
I'm telling you, I've got the cleanest dang windows in the neighborhood!
It's a pleasure (well, almost) to clean them.
5.  Gumby has been trying to get me to try Nutella.
"Nuh-uh" was my response.
Finally, I gave in.  Bought some.
Gumby was so happy.
He couldn't wait to dig in.
I tried it, too.
And you know what?  Dang if it isn't bad!
It's rather tasty! 
What have I been missing?
As you can see....Gumby loves it.  Loves it!
Made a little piglet of himself ... yes, he did!
Which led to giving him a bath.
And then a nap.
So....there ya have it.  My randomness and my Gumby-ness!
Gotta go!  Gonna get me some Nutella!

Friday, February 7, 2014

~ Procrastination ...

1.  Procrastinate 
to be slow or late about doing something that should be done
to delay doing something until a later time
2.  That's me.  Miss Procrastination.
I cannot figure it out.
It's not like I don't want to do the things I need/want/should do.
Like my craft projects.  I WANT to craft.
In fact, the other day I organized all the craft paraphernalia that I had thrown
into a large bin and I patiently sorted through it all and
put all my jewelry stash in one smaller bin ...
all my charm bottles in another bin ...
all my charms in another bin ...
well, you get the picture.
So you'd think that I would just pick a project and jump right in, right?
Miss Procrastination.
3.  I love browsing here Antique Farmhouse D├ęcor.
See that file box ... lovely, huh?
I did my hem and haw ... haw and hem.
I put it in my cart. 
I took it out of my cart.
I did more of the hem and haw.
Haw and hem.
I put it back in my cart and smugly thought "I'll get back to it later."
Miss Procrastination.
4.  Later came .... went to check out.
It was SOLD OUT!
What???  What???  What???
Geez Louise!!!!
How could that have happened in just a few hours?
Miss Procrastination.
5.  I found some quotes on procrastinating and I'd like to share some with you.
The best way to get something done is to begin
Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.
Procrastination is the thief of time.
and one that made me laugh out loud ...
Procrastination is like masturbation ...
in the end you're just screwing yourself.
It snowed on Monday and again on Wednesday.
Dang!  I am getting weary of snow blowing and shoveling.
They are predicting more snow for Sunday and Thursday.
(Shaking My Head)
But I do enjoy taking some shots of snow.
Here are a few that I took this week.
So there ya have it.
Winter in my backyard.
Now, I've got to go to the market and hit the craft store.
Or maybe hit the craft store and go to the market tomorrow.
Or maybe go to the market and hit the craft store tonight.
Or maybe ...
Miss Procrastination!