Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~ Self Portrait ...

.... it's on, like Donkey Kong!
I've always wanted to say that!
Anyway, Kelly and I have decided that we are going to attempt
a self portrait once a month.
We did the 365 gig awhile back......OMG! 
That was so stressful yet so educational.
I learned more about my camera and myself during that year.
We also attempted to do a 52 .... we crash landed with that one.
What were we thinking?
Two crazy ladies must have been drinking wine when that thought came up!
Anyway, when Kelly approached me with a "12 SP"
I thought "What the heck?  Let's do this!"
So, here it is ..... SP #1
Our theme for January was "Winter"

Be sure to head over to Kelly's blog to see what she came up with!

Monday, January 30, 2012

~ Scavenger Hunt .... Week 4 .....

I missed the Scavenger Hunt last week so I was determined
that I wasn't going to miss out on the fun this week .....
This weeks prompts are
Smile/Stand Alone/Rusty or Something Old/Artificial/Repeating Pattern
So, here we go......follow me:

Every time I walk into
my computer/craft/photography room
where this little guy sits
on a shelf .... I smile.
He is quite old........in fact, he will be 42 years old this year.
My husband bought him for me when we were dating.
I discovered this glass vase the other day
just sitting in the basement.
I cleaned it off and found a bag of Potpourri
and now it stands alone on my fireplace mantle.


Rusty and old .... the railing on my front stoop.
Every Spring I sand it down and paint it ..... and every Winter it starts to peel.

Artificial snow ..... LOL!
Beats the real stuff!


My shower curtain ......
So, there you have it.
My items for the Scavenger Hunt.
Now, go on over there and check out what else was found!

Friday, January 27, 2012

~ Sweet .... a taste sensation ....

Lesson 4 over at Kim Klassen's "Beyond Layers"  is to pick one word and then take a photograph of something that represents that word.   Today was grocery shopping day and I found these wonderful strawberries.   Strawberries in January just downright excited me.  When I got home and unpacked them I thought "Hhhmmmm.....sweet!"   And then I grabbed my nifty-fifty (yes, Kelly, I am trying really hard to use that lens) and took this sweet shot.  Again, not processing it in my usual dark manner was a struggle but I'm learning to embrace light and my mantra is becoming "less is more".   I used Kim's "sweettreat" texture to top it off like a dollop of creme fraiche!  And there you have it ...... Sweet!

Photo stats are:   50mm, 1/25, f/2.8, ISO 640.

Friday, January 20, 2012

~ Just enough .....

..... Kim Klassen's "Beyond Layers" first lesson is "just enough".  Just enough texture, processing, lighting and so on and so on.   This was a challenge for me as I tend to lean towards darker processed images......but it was fun!  And I even shot it with my nifty-fifty!!!!!  Holy Moly!!!!!  Someone out there knows what a battle I've been having with that lens.   Anyway, here's my shot .......

About the shot:    Canon 60D, Manual, 1/640 shutter speed, f/6.3, ISO 200, EF 50mm/1.8

Consider joining "Beyond Layers" ...... it will be fun!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~ Scavenger Hunt 1/15

It's Scavenger Hunt time again!    My intentions were to post early ..... didn't happen!   Why do I keep putting things off?
Anyway, here we go......let's play!

~ Stacked Up
Old family photos stacked and waiting to be scanned.  
Yes, that top photo is of little ole' me holding a stuffed bunny!

~ Winter Wonderland
I had to pull a
on this one.
It's from the freak snowstorm
we got last October.
If I don't see a "winter wonderland" for the rest of the year,
I will be happy!


~ Sweet

Sweet, gooey honey.
I love it in tea.
Drizzle it over apple slices.
Did you know that taking two tablespoonful a day
of local honey
can help with your allergies?
I did it a few years ago......and it worked!
Try it, honey!


~ Hole

There is a hole ....
.... under that cover ....
we fill it with water in the spring
splash around in it in the summer!

~ Frozen

A frozen clump of ice cubes .....

So there you have it ....... join in the fun ....... Ashley's Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~ Scavenger Hunt ...

I've decided to give  Ashley Sisk's "Scavenger Hunt"   a shot .... afterall, I did decide that this would be my year to "be".   So, follow me ......

~ One Color (Green)
Having green grass in sight, in January, in New England is sweet!!!!



Oh yea!   Nothing like airing your dirty laundry ......


~ Empty

This container is patiently waiting for Spring to arrive so that it can take its rightful place on the front stoop showing off the flowers that will be planted in it.  

One Dozen
Not very creative .... but .....stones from my backyard .....

~ Soft

Opened up my craft closet and out fell a bag of Poly-Fil.......soft as can be.
So there you have it .... my very first Scavenger Hunt!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

~ My word for 2012 is ....

Be ...
It wasn't easy picking a word.
I had at least 3 or 4 rattle around in my head
everytime I thought one of the other words
shouting at me
had won the title of "Word for 2012",
this little two letter word
kept whispering to me.
"Be" yourself.
"Be" confident.
"Be" happy
"Be" loved.
Just "Be".
So there you have it.
My word for 2012.