Friday, June 8, 2012

~ Arrogant Frog ....

I am bad at picking out wine.
I don't know Merlot from Grenache.
I don't know Pinot Noir from Shiraz.
I usually stay away from red wine ....
just never found one that I liked.
So, I usually grab a bottle of red if the label speaks to me.
This one spoke.
How could you resist that froggy grin ....
and he's wearing a beret for crying out loud!!!!
Kind of resembles Maurice Chevalier, eh????
This wine surprised me.
It was good!!!!!
I would buy this again.
So, if you like red wine .... give this one a try.
C'est bon!!!!!!!


  1. I don't care for wine - but love the labels.

  2. I love red wine.. I have to say my favorite is a nice glass of Merlot.. But I might have to give this one try.. LOVE the name..

  3. Yee haw! This is perfect with u and frogs! I love love love that last shot D. And I'll have to
    Look for this guy in a merlot!

  4. Hmmm- I will have to mention that to the hubs

  5. Loved this post - My heritage is French - So I need to try it for a few reasons - (The name of the wine - Frogs = French & love Frogs!)


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