Friday, August 9, 2013

~ Friday Letters ....

.... I really like it when I get a chance to play.
Today I am playing along with Ashley Slater @ The Sweet Season blog
Dear Sky,
It's okay to be dark and gray sometimes.
I get it.
There are times when I feel dark ... and gray ....
and stormy .... and foreboding ....
And it's okay to just let it all out.
You thunder, lightning and rain.
I scream, shout and cry.
And it's okay.
Make as many puddles as you'd like.
I'll just puddle hop.
I'll pretend I'm 10 again ....
and I'll purposely step in every single puddle you rain down.
So, dear sky (and me)....
it's okay to be dark and gray sometimes.
Just remember to come back to blue skies.
"Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset." ~ Rabindranath Tagore
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ play along with Nancy @ A Rural Journal
and "5 Random Facts"
1.  I was born and raised in Manchester, NH.
2. I am the 5th child of 6.
3.  I was excruciatingly shy growing up.
4.  I was a hippie.
5.  I got married when I was 19.


  1. I love rainy days, puddles and splashing droplets - especially in photographs. I suck at puddle jumping, (inevitably miss my mark and end up wet - might just save time and walk through) - but I do seriously like an occasional rainy day. I am not without moods so why should nature go without them. I love this pictures by the way.

    5th of 6 - I was 3rd of 4. close, right! :) Enjoy your hippy-dippy weekend (husband just heard "hippy-dippy" phrase the other night - don't know what planet he grew-up on. seriously!)

  2. Ooooo! Puddles are fun. I live in Oregon.. and we have many enormous puddles from Mid October to around the end of Aprl. lol. That's a lot of jumping exercise.

  3. I have always loved a rainy day...If there are not too many errands to run, it's a perfect time to read and do all those things one enjoys doing without guilt..It's like permission to stay inside....

    I love your photographs....perfect illustration of your words....

  4. The photos depict your words..perfectly..:)

  5. I love this...acceptance of life as it is. Beautiful!

  6. I lived in Exeter, NH for a long time but I don't anymore. Love your rain photos. It rained here on Friday...crazy all day don't even bother to go outside if you can help it kind of rain.

  7. Love the rain images -- even if the subject has become tiresome. :)
    Neat facts about you -- thanks so much for joining us at R5F.

  8. Oh that first shot is wonderful. Very "moody". Yeah it is okay to once in awhile have those dark and gloomy moods.
    Enjoyed learning some things about you. Love that you were a "hippie".

  9. O-M-G
    those rain shots are out of this world D...I hope you are seeing blue deserve the are being hugged through the universe! Love this post sis

  10. Your rain photos are fantastic. I lived in Bedford NH for a long time and worked in one of the old mill buildings on Commercial St.

  11. Oh my stars.. Your photos here are AMAZING... Such wonderful captures of the rain. I am pretty sure that my daughter wants to be a hippy. She lives in Portland OR, and I think its the cool thing to do up there.. :)


  12. and anyway, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rain! It is cleansing and nourishing...what a great post! I'm a "hippie" now...ha ha ha...


  13. This is a lovely blog, I like your take on rainy days and dark skies, I was a semi hippie, I envy you 5 siblings, I had none...fabulous photos.

  14. Your photos are beautiful, rainy day puddles and all!!

  15. Love that . . . makes me want to go stomp in some puddles.

  16. Uhm... Diane? Don't you blog about your yarns and needles and glue-sticky fingers, and tags and things like that? Seriously, I've come a long way now and can't find it! :-)


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