Friday, October 11, 2013

~ We Meet Again ....

Gonna do it up a little differently today.
Starting with the bottom ....
5.   Yup!  I changed up my blog look ... again!
I wanted to give it a little "Halloween" look.  Did I succeed? 
Don't worry ... it'll change again next month.
To what?  Hhhmmmmm......Not sure.
Why can't I just find something I like and just stick with it? 
4.   I am seeing birds around my feeder less and less as the weather
gets cooler and cooler.
I may just keep the feeder out through the winter just in case a fine feathered
friend decides to stop by for a little snack.
3.  Dear Blogging Friends ...  I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support
during my lost friendship last week.   Wow!
I received so many lovely comments and e-mails.  I was overwhelmed!
Having the door closed on one friendship led me back to a friend
that I had been neglecting for too long.
This friend is there whenever I need a friend.
I can push this friend's buttons and this friend doesn't get upset
and shut me out.   Nope!
This friend lets me make mistakes.  Yup!
Say hello to my little friend ....
2.  My "friend" and I took advantage of a gorgeous day and headed out the door.
I grabbed some props and looked for the perfect spot.
As I put the items down on the ground and was changing the settings on the camera,
I accidentally clicked the button and ....
took this....
... and I did  not notice the visiting Mr.DaddyLongLegs until I looked at the shot on the computer!
I just love it when stuff like that happens!!!
1.  This one is for Kelly. 
We've been cyber friends for a few years now.
We've never met in person.  We will......someday.
Kelly has been having a really tough year.  Really tough.
To add to her burden, she just found out her Mother has cancer.
 Please visit Kelly and give her hugs.
Dear Kelly,
Saying "I'm sorry" just doesn't seem like enough.
I wish I could do or say more to help you through this difficult time.
I wish I could find Aladdin's Lamp and wish away all of the pain and sorrow
that you are facing.
Know that I am here for you .... always.
Text me anytime.
Call me if you ever want to talk or scream....I'll listen.
And if the pain is too strong ... and you can't talk ... or scream ... but can only cry
then FaceTime me.
I'll put the phone on my shoulder
and let you cry on it
for as long as you need.


  1. i love chickadees. going to check on your friend Kelly. one thing we all can do in the bloggy world, uplift, listen & be a good friend. not to hard at all. ( :
    have a happy weekend.

  2. Great new look! Sorry about the lost friendship.

  3. Oh my sweet sister and friend-i am touched beyond words that you would include me today. I honestly don't know what I would do without you and all those that are reaching out to me. I'm sure I'll be taking u up on the FT. I feel the love. Xo

  4. Ohhhh can I just say-I love your lamp and pearls. I'm glad you and friend got out-you deserve some peace-love your happy accident.

  5. Well it's good to know your connecting again with your friend (the camera) and also with other friends. I read the post about the lost friendship. How sad. Perhaps in time she'll change her mind. - That shot of the lamp was really cool looking. I also love that you captured the Daddy Long-Legs in your shot. Those unexpected shots are the best. I also like your blog header. Perfect for the Halloween festivities.

  6. The daddy long legs is perfect in that shot!

  7. Great shot! Daddy was just hanging out waiting for you to show up with the cam...Cool! Aloha and TGIF!

  8. Oh I have the same relationship with my camera her name is Leo:) she has always seen only the beauty in life and is always with me no matter what. Your photos are wonderful especially the one you did not expect:)
    Your friend Kelly is lucky to have such compassionate loving friend who will be there for her. I will go visit her right now and send my best thoughts for her Mom this I understand. take care B

  9. Great captures. However, that spider looks terrifying!!

  10. lovely photos, the bird shot is fantastic! Like the spooky feel to your header :)

  11. Love your header really atmostpheric

  12. Aw! Sweet, adorable chickadee! Sorry about your one friend, but it's great to have another who's always there for you!

    And yes, i love your Halloween-y look! Your blog look that is. :)

  13. I missed your previous post and feel your pain. At some point I think we all go through this experience of losing a friendship and it hurts like hell - especially when it is premised on one.single.mostly.insignificant.incident (and nothing like "oh, I just slept with your husband" or "I just ran over your dog" or... well, you get the point). I like your new friend and what a pal to catch that granddaddy long leg.

    Love the header change - looking good!

  14. I'm sorry about your lost friend, but good for you for picking yourself up and getting back to your photography! Your little chickadee is sweet - I have a soft spot for them. I just love seeing them at my feeders.

  15. Funny, I see more birds as winter approaches. That's a lovely little chickadee you captured. xo

  16. You and your friend do great work. I've just been thinking that it's time to put a little Halloween on my blog. I think your blog looks great!

  17. I love the Halloween look, so sorry about your friend, and that shot has a little Charlotte's web going on, love it! And your Geni shot is brilliant!

  18. Spooky new look. And spooky spider! I spookified my header. Halloween is so fun.

  19. Love that mid air bird seed shot! And such a sweet post for Kelly! xo

  20. Congratulations on your new "friend"! That is one nice camera! And your "accidental" shot of the daddy longlegs is so perfect for Halloween! I think it may be hard to find your blog for us Wordpress folks. I found you from Nancy's linkup. But when you comment on my post, the link doesn't go to your blog. I have no idea how to make it better, just thought I'd report in :) Have fun this weekend with your new camera!


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