Tuesday, January 27, 2015

~ Snowflakes ....

.... he sent me snowflakes.
An infinite amount of snowflakes.
All for my viewing pleasure.
Because I told him that when we moved up to New Hampshire
I wanted at least one huge snow storm
so that I could just sit back and enjoy watching it snow.
And so I did.  Watch it snow.
We got one heck of a storm ... 16 inches of this stuff was delivered to us.
That's good considering they originally predicted we'd get over 2 feet.
The wind was blowing so hard at times
that the snowflakes looked like they were twirling around
like little ballerinas. 
The snowflakes even tried to come inside via the balcony....
Lucky for me I have storm windows over the screens.
As much as I find snow to be an annoyance,
I do have to say that it looks lovely.
Oh, yes......just lovely.
Unless you don't have access to a garage and have to park outside.
Not me.
I park in a heated garage, thank you very much.
I think I'll go out tomorrow and explore the neighborhood.
when I'd go out and use the snow blower after a storm.
You'd be so nervous, afraid that I would get hurt so
you  "secretly" watched me from the bedroom window.
You didn't think I noticed.
I did.
Then you'd come to the front door and give me the "thumbs up"
for doing such a good job.
I love you for that.
For watching out for me.
Thanks for the snowflakes today.
All my love.


  1. Beautiful post, Diane. I do believe we are watched over by those we love!

  2. Cherish the memories! ~Hugs

  3. Beautiful photos...and yes, you do have such good memories. That in itself is wonderful. I hope with time your pain will become duller.

  4. beautiful blog post~ I'm sure he did send the snow. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  5. What a sweet post Diane and beautiful pictures. I have only seen it snow once and seen everything covered in pure white snow once too and I thought it was magical.


  6. I am glad you keep your blog up..because these words are rich..and you will love having them.
    This is such a dear post..and I can actually see him giving you the thumbs up and you smiling.

  7. Lovely sentiments. It is so nice to see a glimpse of the love you had for each other. We got over 2 feet here on the northshore of Boston!

  8. Snow is like nature's way of putting a pretty petticoat on and twirling around - even if just for a little while. Take joy in life's treasures - even the ones not intended for us to notice, but we did and will be forever grateful for doing so.

  9. What a beautiful post and pictures. Hope you stay warm and safe.

  10. Beautiful aunt Diane... Love u

  11. A Beautiful Post With beautiful photos!


  12. Such a loving post D. I know our loved ones send us signs they are with us-it takes an open heart and I'm so happy yours is opening up to share the beauty around you. You are an amazing woman I'm so glad to call my friend. Xo

  13. Beautiful! I lived in New Hampshire one winter and we got lots of snow, lots. The snow in New York has turned to slush and gray, not so nice. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercup's.

  14. What a great way to Celebrate a sweet memory of your beloved. - The snow is lovely. It never ceases to amaze me of those who love snow and those like me who could live without it just fine. I must admit I find it pretty in pictures and sometimes lovely to view outside but never fun to drive or walk in.

  15. What a beautiful post this is, Diane.


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