Sunday, April 16, 2017

~ Easter ....

I've got a basket full of them.
I have the little treasures scattered here...
and there...
and who knows where!
This one almost looks edible.
I like to collect holiday trinkets.
If Tom were here
he would be supporting my habit.

We were quite the pair!
He loved it when I would place these little trinkets throughout the house.
When that holiday was over he would laugh
because he knew that I would forget one or two
of the trinkets
and one of us would find it sitting in its designated spot
long after the holiday had passed.
One of my "peeps".
This one favorite.
He's got attitude!
This is the first time....
in a long time....
that Easter, Greek Orthodox Easter and Passover
fall during the same period.
Not sure when that will happen again.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day!
Looks like I will be spending a good part of tomorrow
gathering my trinkets
and putting them away until next year!


  1. Ohhhh-I like that little guy with attitude! But that canister!! Great little trinkets D. Happy Easter xo

  2. They are all so special Diane..I bet the basket full of the first ones..all have different personalities too:)

  3. The chick with attitude reminds me of Winston Churchill for some reason. Till next Easter

  4. Oh this was just plain old fun! This Easter was very different for me because all the kiddies were not home... But, I was off the hook for hiding all those silly eggs with goofy things in them, too. It's all good! Love your collection there, Diane! Aloha!

  5. Diane, those Peeps are just adorable!!
    I hope you had a good Easter.

  6. Hi Diane....
    Love your trinkets....I usually forget a few as well....makes them xtra special!
    My sweet grandaughter helped me put mine away today...we had a great time!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  7. I love your little trinkets and imagine the smiles they bring. I used to do that too, but the last few years have gotten lazy. You've inspired me to bring them out again.

  8. What a lovely collection, Diane, all so cute !
    So love that vintage tin box ... it's gorgeous !
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter,

  9. Oh my gosh your decorations are awesome. I love the vintage feel some of them have. It's so much fun to put out decorations for the holidays.

  10. These cute trinkets! The little bunny is so sweet ... and another, that smelts my heart is the "Peep"! I like to decorate for Easter as well - yet that sweet trinkets, with a touch of vintage as yours, Diane, are yet to be found!

  11. Vintage sweetness! Thanks for stopping by Diane. I appreciate your kind words.


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