Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~ If Not Now . . . . Then When?

♪  Ta-da  ♫

Is that me?
One click of the camera.
No second, third or fourth shots.
As is.
No photoshop.
When I uploaded this image, I stared at it for the longest time.
I so wanted to click "delete".
I so wanted to smooth my skin out.....
get rid of the wrinkles.....
I've always disliked how I look.
My nose is too wide!
My lips are .... well .... non-existent!
I've inherited my family "jowls".
Should I go on????
I walked away from the computer at least five times
and each time I came back
and looked at myself
I panicked.
But then I thought,
well if I can't let you see the real me
and be true to you
then how the heck can I be true to myself??
So, here I am ....
in the "raw" so to speak.
And I'm scared!
This is me!
It's the first step
to seeing myself
in a whole new light.
This shot brings this song to mind ....
"The morning sun
when it's in your eyes
really shows your age.
But that don't worry me none,
in my eyes
you're everything."

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  1. You have BEAUTIFUL eyes :). As for song titles how about "I like you just the way you are". Kudos to you.

  2. D...your eyes are the windows to your soul...They are the most beautiful color, mesmerizing. And guess what...I think you are even MORE beautiful than ever...You are real, true and honest....If anyone can't see beyond what's at face value...they are not worthy....that's all i'm going to say about that...
    mwah to you....

  3. OH....LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. It's like you have been reborn!

  4. Diane, you wrote everything I was feeling:) Love your post, Love your portrait!

  5. I really like this - the lighting, the penetrating and thoughtful gaze, and honest self portrait. Well done, and thanks for not deleting it.

  6. I just love this.. You are beautiful. I can so relate to how your post here. I still haven't taken my selfie shot.. You gave me some courage my friend. I was just going to pass on this little assignment.
    Hummmm.. We Shall see..

    Hugs, Linda

  7. OMG!! I SO could have written this! the only time i can take a self portrait that i can tolerate is if i am being silly and crazy...i have a big and pointy nose...laugh lines and crows feet that can not belong to me because i feel like i am 30, and not 58....my naughty inner child still slips out and runs amok a few times a week....how did this happen!!!? sigh......i love this portrait of the totally honest woman i see here....and it is terrific!

  8. Wonderful!!! You need to continue putting yourself in front of the camera. Well done.

  9. I have been following your blog and I wanted to drop you a line tonight - I love your honesty - Your realism - Your truth. I have made folders for my favorite blogs and I intend on commenting over time. I apologize for falling behind, but I intend to read them all. Aug, this is a wonderful place to visit!

  10. I love your beautiful eyes, they speak to me of compassion and honesty. Saying hello from Beyond Layers :)

  11. Your post actually made me smile. I was looking in the mirror yesterday and noticing that my nose is getting wider and earlobes getting longer just as I was warned they would (they don't stop growing right!). I went in and told my husband and as we both looked in the mirror we laughed about just one of the many awesome perks of aging. I posted a similar post a while back http://www.myheartartbygeri.com/2010/10/im-free.html showing my face close up and unretouched. I wonder if we would be as hard on anyone else as we are on ourselves???

  12. I absolutely loved this post. Made me smile, made me feel a little teary. So glad I found your blog. ♥


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