Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~ Straw Flower Cactus . . .

I've been in a slump lately ......
my relationship with my camera suffered.
I can't quite put my finger on the reason.
It's just the way it was.
So, while out shopping the other day
this little fella jumped out at me
"Take me home, I'm photogenic!"
I loved the little straw flower poking out of the side of the cactus.
I found the perfect spot for it.
Indeed, it is quite photogenic.
I love taking macro shots and this little cactus didn't disappoint.

I just loved the straw flower on it ....
it made me smile.
So, snap~snap~snap went the camera!
Then I decided to read up on this lovely plant.
I have finally stopped laughing at myself enough
to tell you what I found out......
Did you know that the little straw flower is not really part of the cactus?
Here's what I found:

"Straw flower cactus plants make a beautiful addition to any house. Upon first glance, they appear to be normal cacti with bright, vibrant flowers growing out of the top. However, the flowers are glued to the cacti and not an actual natural part of them. While the flowers are technically dead, they are still capable of opening and closing with moisture and temperature changes, which gives them the appearance of being alive. When properly cared for, a straw flower cactus can last several years."

Really???    What the heck?????
Are you laughing, too?????
Am I gullible or what?
Oh well........
 I did get a good laugh (at my own expense)
and I did get some decent shots.
I'm happy!

And out of my slump!


I decided to play over at SueLovesCherries' "Rednesday"


  1. Lmao what? Who glues them? That is a hoot D! The fact that u went to go read up on them goes beyond just being a photographer! I've missed your posts. These are exceptional. Xo

  2. That is so funny. Thanks for the smile and the education! Your shots are lovely. I especially like the last shot, the close up of the cactus spikes. Wonderful.

  3. Oh that is just soooooo wrong...GLUED??? Haha.

  4. Are you sure you read that right.. That sounds crazy! Such wonderful shots my friend. Who knew a cactus could look so pretty!!


  5. You know, I think I knew that -- you just reaffirmed my memory. No matter, your photos are pretty and if it brought you joy, then who cares? ;)

  6. I knew that, Diane, but ... as you say it's a lovely flower !
    Love the way you described your self portrait, I agree with everyone else, you have beautiful eyes !

  7. LOL. I didn't know that. Well, what the heck? Made for some pretty nice photos! And I love the red of that flower even if it is a kind of zombie.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog.......it led me here to your spectacular photos! Love your macro shots!

  9. It is a pretty cactus, whether the flower is glued on or not! I really need to get an interesting-looking cactus to photograph. I love yours!

  10. that red flower is Awesome!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. HAhaha. I just bought one with green flowers.......it has small ones growing beside it and I made the comment....gee I hope the small ones will have different collor of flowers...woulds't that be cool...my dream came true.... :-)))

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