Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~ Centered .....


I had just gotten home from my 4.5 mile walk .....
sweaty .... hair a mess .....
and I decided to grab my camera
and get my shot in for "Now You".
Not an easy task holding that camera steady
with one hand
and trying to get myself in the frame .....
but I wasn't in the mood for multiple shots,
so this is it.
Not centered....
Not glamorous....
Just me.
Heck, if you look closely you can see the peach fuzz
on my chinny chin chin!!
I don't mind making eye contact with the camera
but I still want to hide my nose .....
my mouth .....
my neck .....
my jowls ....
It was difficult for me to not put my hands over
at least one of those "features".
But I didn't .......


  1. I LOVE how you are embracing your so called "imperfections" & still putting yourself into the shot!
    You go girl!

  2. I love how the shot isn't centered and the eye contact you make with the camera. So many of us have a hard time putting ourselves in front of the lens but I love your confidence. Way to go.

  3. I am SO dang proud of you D. You, me, all women need to be OK...More than OK with just us. You are fabulous....sweaty, hairy, you name it...NONE of it detracts from me liking just YOU....xo

  4. Well done -- I don't have the confidence to do this. Awesome!

  5. "Chinny chin chin" - LOL!! Love it!
    I love how you composed your shot... and wonderful that you share your self portraits!! I am bad about that.... I have a million (facial) complaints and I need to remember that all of God's creation is beautiful!!
    Wonderful shot... thanks for sharing!! :-)

  6. So beautiful you are. :)


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