Monday, May 7, 2012

~ Happy Birthday Claire ...

Today would have been my sister Claire's 70th birthday.
In her regular "Claire" fashion, she would have insisted that no one made a fuss ...
but would have been delighted that we would.
I would call her and sing "♫Happy Birthday to you...♪" as I did every year before.
But she is not here.
On Christmas night in 1995 she ended her battle with uterine cancer.
Taken too soon.
So many birthdays ago.
On her first birthday without her I wrote a very small sentiment....

"It's hard to let you go, sweet Claire.
Springtime is not the same.
The warm May breeze and ladybugs
Keep whispering your name."

I recite it on her birthday every year since.

Happy Birthday Claire.


  1. Aaaah sweetheart, having lost my father I know the pain that comes from losing someone we truly love. Sending you hugs and wishing Claire a Happy Birthday (love the sentiment you recite each year).

  2. Oh my, so sweet and heartbreaking. Happy birthday Claire.

  3. It is so difficult losing someone you love so dear. How sweet that you remember her with such wonderful memories and love. Happy Birthday, Claire!!

  4. {{hugs}} Loosing someone so dear leaves a void that can never be completely refilled. Your poem is very dear. Cheers to the memories of your sweet Claire.

  5. Oh D....
    I'm sure Claire is looking down on you and smiling at the love you are showing her here today. If Claire was anything like you...I know she had to be awesome...xoxo sis
    On a lighter note....LOVE the new look here.

  6. Coming from a family of ONLY girls...I can't even imagine the heartache of losing a sister. My thoughts are with you. What a lovely tribute tho to remember her with the same sentiment tho...and a beautiful one at that.

  7. P.S. I really like the new look of your blog :)

  8. So beautiful and full of emotion. She is probably smiling at you right now.
    Inalso liked your new blog.

  9. What a beautiful post. So sorry for your loss, but glad you have fond memories.

  10. Sending you a big hug. I still have my sister and can't imagine life without her. I'm sure you miss her every day. ♥♥♥


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