Friday, November 22, 2013

~ "Delicious Autumn! ...

... My very soul is wedded to it
and if I were a bird
I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive Autumns."
~ George Eliot

1.  I can't help but be giddy in Autumn.  It has always been my favorite season.
September is the beginning of it's lovely being ....
October is just filled with Mother Nature showing off her awesome wardrobe
of golds and reds and yellows and burgundies ....
and November ....
ah! November is wrapped in shades of browns. 

2.  Of all the times to get out and about ...
autumn has spring and summer beat.
We won't talk about winter.
I just love the crispness of the weather ...
the clear blue skies ...
Sure, nature is turning brown and some may even say dying.
I like to think of it as nature is just taking a nap ...
getting her beauty sleep.
3.  I interrupted a bird snacking on these berries.
4.  This almost reminds me of a snowflake.
Note to self:  Go back in the spring and find out what this looks like.
5.  But the day wasn't all autumn brown.
We headed to the shore to visit my brother-in-law who is recovering nicely
from having surgery last week.
The special treat when we got there was his grandson was visiting.
So, let me introduce you to Tom's great-nephew
 Jackson Ferris Chapps.
We all call him "Captain Jack"
He'll add some brightness to anyone's day!
Playing over at Nancy's
Ahoy, matey!


  1. Now that little boy reminds me of CHRISTMAS!!!!...:)JP

  2. Oh Captain Jack is truly adorable and your wonderful photos do indeed show the beauty of autumn. B

  3. Captain Jack is CUTE!!! Im with ya on autumn and I like how you said Mother Nature is getting her beauty sleep. glad your BIL is recovering nicely. beautiful photos my friend..xoxo

  4. I believe your brown flower will look like Queen Anne's Lace in the summer but I could be wrong. Captain Jack sure is a cutie.

  5. Captain Jack is seriously cool.
    Yeppers, I'm a Fall Fan, too.

  6. Love Captain Jack, what a beautiful little boy. Your seed head is a queen anne's lace or a relative cow parsley of some sort. It does look like a snow flake, doesn't it? I bet it would look lovely spray painted silver and put in with some greens for a winter centerpiece. :)

  7. I agree your faded glory will spring up as Queen Anne's lace:) Pretty dainty white tiny flowers..super invasive..
    That little boy is beautiful Diane.. You captured such a cute look!

  8. Such bautiful photos! And I love Queen Anne's lace. If you pull it up in the spring/summer the roots smell just like carrots! Young ones can be eaten .... but I wouldn't try it :P They are also called 'birds nest' which they do remind me of when dry and brown.

  9. Oh what lovely, lovely autumn images. I see that others have already mentioned the seed head is queen anne's lace, beautiful in all of it's forms. And my Captain Jack is quite the handsome young man!!

  10. Lovely autumn browns, Diane !
    And Captain Jack is so cute !
    All the best for your brother-in-law ...
    Nice weekend,

  11. You certainly found some beauty in the brown of Autumn and Captain Jack is too cute for words.

  12. Yes, what a lovely thought that mother nature is just taking some beauty rest. After all, it hard work to always look good. Beautiful fall images you have here!

  13. I love all these's a highly under rated color don't ya think?

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  15. Popping in because I missed doing so on Friday. - Enjoyed your Random thoughts. Such lovely photos. I like the Queen Anne's lace, it does look like a snowflake. Captain Jack is so adorable. Spring and Fall are my 2 favorite seasons. I'm with you on the (winter) thing but am trying to learn to see it's beauty even if it's not one of my favorites.
    I noted your comment on Deanna's blog today about the lose of your sister and losing faith. I know you haven't lost it, it's just buried there waiting for you. Death is hard, I lost my dad 16 years ago in January and nearly lost that faith too but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was there then and still is now even though I don't understand His reasoning for death. Hope you don't think I'm being "preachy" I just wanted you to know I understand.

  16. I love all the seasons...I surely would never want to have choose just one!

  17. Autumn is my favorite season! Followed closely by spring. Captain Jack sure is a cutie!

  18. Beautiful browns! These shades are do pretty, especially the snowflake! Captain Jack has the sweetest eyes :)

  19. That quote is one of my all time favorites! I love fall and it totally sums up the season for me. I have to say, Captain Jack is such a cute little guy! And I love his sweater :)

  20. Oh, I am so with you on fall...I look forward to it all year long. Not an exaggeration.

  21. I do love autumn as well. It has always been one of my favorite seasons. And Captain Jack is too cute.
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  22. Wonderful photos! FYI…I have retired my constantly evolving blog…hope to see you at my new home! Have a wonderful weekend! xo


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