Friday, January 24, 2014

~ Grow Your Blog ...

I was so excited when my friend Kelly told me about this event.
What a great idea!
I've been looking forward to this date ... and ... here it is.

Thank you Vicki for hosting this wonderful party!
Let me tell you a little about myself and my blog.
Hi! My name is Diane.
I guess you can say I'm "retired" since I just reached my 62nd birthday last month.
I treasure my camera ... I have made the decision to make sure
that I have it with me at all times so that I don't miss
any opportunities (as I have in the past).
I enjoy knitting and crocheting.  Need anything?  LOL
I love crafting ... everything.
Jewelry ... making tags ... making notecards ... sewing ... working with Polymer Clay ...
I am even in the midst of teaching myself Zentangle!
Oh! and I really love a good flea market ... yes, I brake for flea markets!
Show me something vintage and I'm putty in your hands.
Yup, I've got a lot going on!
I'm pretty new at blogging and to be quite honest I've been struggling with it.
I think I know what I want to do with it but I'm having a bit of a battle
getting it there.
I have all these ideas swirling in my head ... blog about my crafts ...
blog about daily ups and downs ... blog about Gumby (wink-wink) ...
blog about photography ..
blog about nothing! 
Anyhoo, I'm here to learn ... and I'm here to grow.
I want to enlighten ... I want to participate ... I want to inspire ...
I want to entertain.
I'm very excited to meet some new bloggers.
I have been inspired by so many before that I can only imagine
what creativity you'll conjure up in me.
I hope you'll visit often.
Now, I'm off to "grow my blog"



  1. Yeah!!!!! You done good sis!! Love it and I'd follow you to the moon and back!! Have fun today! Xoxo

  2. Zen tangle? I'm going to have to Google that! I had no idea you were crafty like that! So many talents :)

  3. Very nice post! Magnifique photo !
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Cath-(Cath CH Photography)

  4. Hey good to see ya here! And I have a Gumby too...and his friend Pokey. I thought I lost them, but just the other day I found them where I forgot them outside and they fell off and behind a pot. I can only imagine the adventure they have had these past few months! haha

  5. with Gumby & a great sense of humor - i just love stopping by each & every time. so fun. have a happy weekend!! big big hugs. ( :

  6. Hi!

    I'm Terry. I am one of Vicki's volunteers. I see you put Vicki's party badge on your post. Could you link her blog to that badge or somewhere else on your blog? Thanks.
    I am a knitter and crocheter too. I'm not retired yet but I sure am looking forward to it.

    Have a great time at Vicki's party.


  7. Very nice post and I am enjoying your photography! Will need to come back and visit some more!

  8. Stopping by from grow your blog. looks like we have so much in common with the crafting, and mostly the photography. My camera and love of all it entails has greatly enriched my aging years. i love carrying this little piece of heaven with me where ever i go. such fun. When I first blogged, i thought i would blog about certain topics, but now i find that there is not one goal, but many.... My daily ramblings.... Hope to get to know you better, and will join in your blog! Happy partying

  9. Happy growing. You too are very inspiring to other bloggers. Have a good Saturday Diane.

  10. Good luck to you as well...:)JP

  11. I love your blog. I like blogs with a "mix" of subjects. You learn so much that way. I'm trying to learn to take my camera with me all the time but sometimes just for short trips to the store it seems sort of silly, but then yesterday I missed a great shot at the hawk I mentioned on my current blog post so if I would have had the camera....well you get the picture (I didn't). - Have fun with the hop today. I'll be stopping by again.

  12. Hi...this is Wanda, stopping by for GYB and to say thanks for visiting my blog, Tidbits and Treasures. You've got a lot going for you, blog-wise, with enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and a variety of topics leading the pack. It looks like you are already doing a great job, and I expect that will continue. Enjoy GYB.

    We have December birthdays and 1951 in common--I also turned 62 in December. I'm still working and expect to do that for three more years, but I am fortunate to have the best job I've ever had. It's interesting and busy, I'm well treated both personally and financially and, best of all, I rarely have to think about my job except when I'm actually there.

  13. Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower and I am looking forward to following you. I saw where you are teaching yourself to Zentangle. I recently taught myself. It is a beautiful art. Look forward to learning more about you.

  14. Hi Diane, I feel the same way about blogging as you, so much in my head and when I finally get to the computer I'm stumped. And Gumby, my Mom has ours that was a part of my childhood, do you have Pockey too? Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to following you.

  15. Hello Diane
    Thanks for visiting my GYB post and leaving a nice comment. We have a number of things in common and I will be celebrating the same age next month. I use a Canon DSLR for most of my photography but always carry my point and shoot in my purse so as not to miss anything. On my sidebar is a 'Personal Photo Challenge' button that links to the topic for each month, you might be interested in following that blog and joining the group of us.
    I don't have a Gumby but remember it well. I'm a new follower and hope to visit often.

  16. Oh, I am thinking we could be soulmates ... when you said you carried your camera with you all of the time so you wouldn't miss any opportunities as you have in the past, my heart skipped a beat ... OMG, I could tell you stories about missed opportunities ... even having my camera but with the wrong lens on it. Those moments are burned into my memory. And yes, much to my families disgust, I have my camera with me at all times. As for crafts, I have done many, but am not actively involved at the moment ... but Yes, to Zentangle. My FH and I spent many years at flea Markets and have many antique items to show for it ... I must warn you though, that you will come to the point where you have to figure out what to do with all of it ... the kids probably don't want it so it is up to you to find a place for it all ... I now call it my stuff. If you have a good plan for "stuff", I am all ears. I love meeting people and learning and growing, though I'm beginning to think that the growing process, at my age, is more a matter of trying to keep up rather than getting ahead. Anyway, enough rambling ... I loved your post, will follow you and if I haven't scared the pants off of you already, please feel free to stop over and see me at From The Sol.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  17. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    Judy in Colorado

  18. Diane,
    Thanks for coming by my blog! Come by again and post a little somethung on my actual post for the Blog party, I just got it posted late! But that way I will remember to put your name in the giveaway for the party.
    We have lots in common....I had a Gumby and poki, nd my girls have the mini ones they sold in the 1980's. They LOVED them, and they still ahve them!.
    See you soon!

  19. Oh my gosh your Gumby post was hysterical! I'm so glad to have found your post on GYB Day! :) Thanks for making me smile!!

  20. Love love love have a great blog and I hope to be back soon. I am your newest followers. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog! You have created a beautiful space here, the photos are mesmerising...I didn't think it could get any better...then I saw Gumby! Yippee!!! An old chum from childhood, oh how you've brightened my morning! Chrissie x

  22. People who carry cameras with them wherever they goare my kind of people! :))

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up..... I will definitely look forward to getting to know you through the blog world! Have a great Sunday!

  24. Diane - we truly ARE kindred spirits.... I have a GUMBY tattoo on my right ankle.
    We shall surely become life long friends :-)

    I love the picture at the top of your post. So lovely.

    As you can tell by your visit to my lil corner of the web, I too am still finding my way to "what I want my blog to be"
    I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

    Have a grand Sunday.
    I'm spending mine hopping to some more of the GYB hotspots.

  25. Thanks for visiting, and lovely to meet you! Enjoy the party!

  26. Love your blog! So entertaining and funny!!! I'm following you to see what you and Gumby get up to. Love your photgraphs.

  27. I like your sense of humor, Your banner is beautiful. I'm assuming you took the pictures. I am following, but almost did not find your friends connect. You might want to put it on the side of your page. Just a friendly suggestion. T.

  28. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is so nice to meet you! The Gumby posts are hilarious! Can't wait to see more of your blog!

  29. Hi Diane, I'm here from GYB party and I'm happy that you entered your blog in it because now I know you're in blogland! I looked through your blog rather quickly tonight because I have to get some things done before bed and didn't have the time I wanted to take to make a good visit. I'll be back soon though. I love the Gumby. And I love that you do a little bit of everything. I do that myself. I'm messing around with making a miniature magical world the past few months or so and it's been fun. A new craft to learn and it's turning into such a wonderful experience. I'm not sure what Zentangle is. I've not ever heard of it before. I'm trying to get better at Pinterest but so far, I kinda stink at it. lol I did much the same thing, and still do at times. I do not always know what to blog about so I just blog. Whatever comes up. Though now a days mostly it's about this new little project that has grown and grown and grown. I hope you will have yourself a very beautiful week. Bright blessings, Bird

  30. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! I appreciate your taking the time to look at my blog and so happy you enjoyed it. I love your photography and look forward to following you!

  31. I have 3 years on you, but we have lots in common. I am a new follower.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  32. You are a multi talented lady that's for sure. Love your beautiful flower:-)

  33. Hey Diane...I'm having a ball on the blog party route! Your flower pic is simply lovely! As you know, I'm already a follower and I love poppin' in on you and Gumby! Party on! Aloha

  34. Hello hello Miss-chief! Lol, you're too funny Diane, I really like reading your stories. Read quite a few already and then noticed I totally forgot to leave you a proper hello. So, hello! New follower here, nice to meet you! (and Gumby and friends). Now I'm very very curious about all the crafty yarny stuff going on there... Absolutely love your photography by the way.

  35. I think that your blog is lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog through the gyb party. I am following you know and look forward to getting to know more about you.

  36. I am slowly making my way through the blogs in Vicki's GYB party. I am so happy to find you. I think we have a lot in common and am looking forward to learning more about you in future posts.

  37. You have a lovely blog! I love your adventures with Gumby, so much fun. It has been lovely getting to know you.


  38. Hi Diane--thanks for visiting me via the GYB party! Your website is beautiful :) Blessings, Diana (your fellow crafter)

  39. Hello from California. We are the same age, just youngsters! I love your blog, you say things I think. I'll be following you and the Gumpster to see what you're up to.

  40. Hey Diane,

    We're here visiting from the GYB party--love your photos, crafts, and sense of humor! Just bookmarked your page so we can follow you.


    Deb and Kathy

  41. hello, nice to meet you! What I've learnt about blogging is that you have to just do it. Instead of trying to write the perfect post or come up with the perfect idea, just write. I start with the photos, I put them in a post and write around them. I'm sure a lot of what I write is utter tosh, but I enjoy it and it works for me!

  42. I love your photography. I definitely need to whip out the camera more often. Thanks for visiting my blog. It was nice to meet you via the GYB hop.

  43. Hello , my name is Dawn your my one stop on the blog party, Hope that I soon will be friends with all of you cyber neighbors. Here's some bread crumbs to follow me to My site and contact info is
    I don’t have a lot of blog time in. but I like all things creative n thrifty. I hope to stop back again, you look like you have a lot of good reading for a whole afternoon. I am on my pit stop of 335 good blog reading. I hope Gumby feels better

  44. love your photos - they add so much to your blog - I have enjoyed visiting your blog and getting to know you. Thanks for sharing.


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