Friday, January 17, 2014

~ Say "Hello" . . .

. . . to my little friend.
I promised Gumby that I would introduce him to all of you.
I want to share with you how this little guy came into my life.
I had been wanting to get a "Danbo" ... at the time he was all the rage!
So I went ahead and placed my order for one.
Or so I thought!
I waited very patiently for his arrival.
When the box arrived ... I was absolutely giddy.
I couldn't wait to open it.
Here's who popped out of the box!
As you can see ... he is NOT Danbo!
I was shocked ... dumbfounded ... surprised ... annoyed!
How the heck did this mix up happen?
I wanted to fix this immediately.
So I picked up the phone and called the seller immediately.
Gumby was not happy.
I think he cried a little.
The seller reminded me about something ...
"No Refunds"
Now I was the one shedding a tear and Gumby was quite thrilled.
I didn't know what to do ... do I keep him?
Do I give him away?
Do I just stick him in a drawer somewhere?
I decided to give him a chance.
But there would be rules.
So, I sat him down and we discussed the rules.
He could stay with me as long as he stayed out of my hair
and he had to stay out of trouble.
He was very willing and appreciative. Gumby stays.
He proved to be quite the little helper.
He enjoyed going outdoors with me and helping me do some yard work.
He never really complained about the labor ...
he said it was "a labor of love".
Oh yes!  He is quite the "ladies man".
Gumby also proved to be quite sociable.
He is very eager to make friends.
One day he stumbled upon Jacques Croissant.
Never shy about a photo op, Gumby insisted that I document this acquaintance.
Here's how it went:
Jacques Croissant did not speak directly to Gumby
but addressed his questions/comments to me.
Jacques:  Who eeez this?
Gumby:  I'm Gumby!  Who are you?
Jacques:  Madame, je suis Jacques Croissant.
Gumby:  Whoa!  Really?  The underwater guy?
Me:  Gumby, that's Jacques Cousteau.
Gumby:  I know!  Nice to meet you Jacques Cousteau!
Jacques:  Je m'appelle Jacques Croissant.  Mon Dieu!!!
Me:  Uh, Gumby ... I think you're bothering Mr. Croissant.
Gumby:  Tell me some of your deep sea stories Jack.
Jacques:  @#&%
Gumby:  Whoa!
Me:  Uh ... guys ... let's break it up!
Jacques:  Allez.....allez you little green #$&%.
Gumby: Are you sure you're not Jacques Cousteau because you sure talk like a sailor!
At this point ... I had to physically remove Gumby from the area.
So, since that didn't work out so well
Gumby was determined to find someone else to hang out with.
And then ...
... he found Woody!
They became fast friends ...
getting into all kinds of mischief.
I can't tell you how many times I told them not to play on the stairs.
It's all fun and games until someone falls and gets hurt!
But the real issue ... the straw that broke the camel's back ...
was on New Year's Eve two years ago ...
when they got into the liquor cabinet.
Gumby and Woody got drunk!
What else could I do?
I had no choice.
I had to discipline Gumby.
I banished Woody from the house.
I told Gumby that he would have to face the music ...
that although I had grown attached to him ...
he was going to be put aside.

Well....quite some time has passed.
Gumby has been allowed to venture out ... again.
This time he tells me he will be a very good Gumby.
I believe in second chances.
say "Hello" to my little friend ...  Gumby!
I'm sure he will keep us entertained.
And now ... for my Random 5 Friday...
here are 5 random facts about Gumby.
1.  Gumby was created by Art Clokey in 1955.
I was 4 years old! 
2.  Gumby is the Latin diminutive of "Gumbo", Gumby's father's name.
Gumby's mother's name is Gumba.
3.  "Gumbo" is oil-driller lingo for the sedimentary layer of clay on top of a petroleum field.
4.  The trademark "bump" on Gumby's head came from
an old photograph of Clokey's father in which a cowlick appears to give him
an unnatural bump.
5.  A few years ago rap fans were sporting "The Gumby",
a hairstyle with the sides shaved and a tilted bump on the top.
Now, excuse me while I go and see
what Gumby is up to!


  1. LMAO!!!! Hey my friend! Glad you came out to play!!!! Behave (or not) LOL!! are one HELLUVA a story teller!

  2. please tell me your got his friend (the horse) "Pokey" ... so cute. loved this post. glad to hear you have been having a real blast with your new friend. go Gumby. enjoy!!! do you have instagram ... i bet if you do they are all Gumby-ed up. ha. ha!!!! ( :

  3. oh my gosh, this post absolutely cracked me up!! i loved gumby as a kid and enjoyed his crazy antics today!!!

  4. Who was Danbo??? No photos of a Danbo? I'll go Google him, but to be honest, I have always loved Gumby. xox

  5. OMG I was laughing the whole way through...

    I was born 1957 so I remember Gumby!

  6. How cute! Every one of Gumby's adventures mad e me laugh! Thanks for the laughs this morning and visiting my Random 5. Pretty boring compared to yours!

  7. OMG - you could put this together as a book - too, too funny and the expressions and photos are fabulous. Talk about a good laugh.

  8. Fun, fun, FUN story! And I remember Gumby. I always thought he was cute and liked him. I'm glad he's found a home with you. Enjoy!

  9. what a fun post and what grand shots of your friend, gumby. he has made quite an impression on your life and I am so happy you decided to live with him and not ban him to a drawer.

  10. Oh you made me laugh with this post! Terrific!

  11. This was such a FUN post!! And to learn about how he got his name and the trivia was just super. I so enjoyed this. And awesome photos too, by the way.

  12. I received a Gumby and Pokey from Santa in 1968 and have been smitten ever since. :)

  13. Love the time you have spent making this little guy just come alive. Really enjoyed your post!@##!!!

  14. LOL you made my day. I love Gumby! Now and then. Thank you for creating such a fun post.

  15. What a great post! A nice fun read!

  16. OMGoodness Diane, this was such a terrific post! Crack me up! GO GUMBY! Love it! Keep at it girl. This was great fun! Aloha

  17. What a fun post! I loved reading about Gumby's adventures. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  18. Gumby -- awesome! And Woody, too. How fun!

  19. Love it! And if I didn't remember Gumby from my childhood (born in '49) I would certainly remember him from SNL! Great post!

  20. I am sitting in front of Jacques..eating a croissant for breakfast if you can believe.. with marmalade ..smiling at your post..I borrowed a Gumby from my grandson one day ..:) to take pics he reminded me so much of being young..But you?
    You have made him alive again:)So much fun to play isn't it?
    Have agreat weekend!

  21. What a funny and creative series of shots!

  22. at one point my sister had a giant blow up gumby...about 6 feet tall!!

  23. I never had a Gumby. I so much enjoyed your post. Thank you for the laughs!

  24. Oh my gosh this is just hilarious. I loved this post. Gumby is so cool. Will look forward to his adventures here.

  25. OMG I just loved these Gumby episodes! Gumby and I go WAY BACK to the beginning (I'm Gumby dammit ... ) Yes I'm telling my age, LOL! You do fabulous photography and I'll be back for more. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for following! Stay warm!
    Hugs from Ohio!


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