Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~ A Week Of Color . . .

. . . this week
it's a week of color...
wonderful, bright, vivid color.
Yesterday's color was Green. 
Behold my green ice cream scoop.
Look closely ....
.... it's a frog shaped ice cream scoop!
Today's color is Yellow
Lemon Verbena Yardley Soap!
The scent is wonderful.
The color is delicious!
And it lathers up wonderfully!
Hmmmmm......I feel like taking a shower!


  1. Soap never looked so yummy! Great shots !

  2. ooooh nice captures... the delicate photo of the soap makes me want a bath! Thx for your comment on my blog. maybe you would like to link up on Sunday too?
    I think I need to check out this 'Beyond Layers'.
    jennie. x

  3. Hi D!!!!
    That ice cream scoop is too cute...and that soap looks delicious...great lighting and details on the rope.

  4. Goodness....I have not seen Yardley soap in ages. When I used go take students to England in the summers I would see it all the time. Love the two shots of it. Your frog spoon really photographed well. I would love to have one of them. We have lots of frogs here at the house. They make so much noise at night, my daughter complains when he comes home. It is aa precious ice cream scoop. genie

  5. Haha...lovin your scoop!

  6. That Ice Cream scoop makes me smile..


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