Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~ March Photo A Day Challenge .....

I'm all for trying out things
when I saw Kelly playing along
then you just know that I had to join in on the fun!
Today's prompt challenge is "Fruit".
I'm ashamed to say that I don't usually have
fruit in the house.
It's not that we don't like fruit
whenever we do have fruit in the house
it's a real treat!
I did have an apple.
There's nothing quite delicious as a
crisp, tart, juicy apple......huh?

I also had some dried apricots.
I don't eat these ....
but my husband devours them.
I do have to add that he LOVES
chocolate covered apricots!

With that said.......can we talk about other fruits.....
the kind that I usually eat.
Like .......
lemons .....
and cherries ....
and oranges .....
and strawberries .....
These are fruit flavored and fruit filled
so why can't they count?
better yet
how about
my all time favorite ....
(Kelly, are you ready for this?)
Ta-da ♫ .....
Oh yeah!
Go ahead ......
throw your head back
and scream with delight!
You know you want to!!!!!!


  1. Oh i'm screaming all right....Damn can rock a prompt to kingdom come....and you have a wicked sense of humor...I LOVE these...seriously love them.....
    and yes please....pass the dang chocolate!

  2. I've HAD that orange dark chocolate and it is fabuuuuuuuuulous! They also make one that is dark chocolate and sea salt that is so decadent I can literally feel my hips growing as I eat it. As long as I can still fit out the door, I believe it is totally worth it tho :)

  3. I know I want it.. Looks like you nailed this challenge. Your Fruits :) shots look amazing...


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