Friday, March 9, 2012

~ Music . . .

. . . is today's "March Photo A Day Challenge" prompt.
I love music.
Any kind of music.
Music makes me happy.
Music can alter my mood ....
happy ....
sad ....
melancholy ....
excited ....
I love music.
If I didn't have music in my life,
I believe I definitely would be depressed.
I've got the music in me!
I'm also a closet singer.
Oh yeah!
I sing in the car and in the shower.
In my mind I'm a rock star
singing loud and proud
not always getting the words right!
And....I've always had a weakness
for bass players.
My favorite genre?
...down and dirty blues.
Lay it on me, baby!
♫    ♪   ♫


  1. I am just so dang excited that you are posting everyday....I love this D. We are pretty much on the same track with our posts today!!!

  2. I agree seeing more posts here! i think you two might have been separated at birth? :)

  3. Great post! I'm a closet singer too, but I'm terrible ;P

  4. this is a beautiful shot.

  5. What a great post.. I love that photo.. I am a closet singer also.. It so weird that when I am singing I know I am off tune and I can change it.. But I sing anyway. :)


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