Friday, September 27, 2013

~ Berry Burst ....

..... before I tell you about Berry Burst
let me first say that I try to do my best.
1.  I walk 4.25 miles 5 days a week.  
It takes me an hour. 
2.  I feel GREAT after a walk.   I think its a combination of the
endorphin rush and listening to music while I walk. 
Note to self:   I probably should stop singing while I walk .....
a.  I can't carry a tune
b.  I swallowed a bug this week.  
Yay!  Protein!!!
3.  With that matter how much walking I do....
no matter how much hula hooping I do.....
why is my waist still expanding? 
They say that the average woman's waist is 34.4 inches.....
7 inches larger than 50 years ago!
I used to have a svelte 28 inch waist.
What the heck happened???? 
One day.....I looked at myself......saw my waist line and said
"How did my mother get here?"  
Right now I am above average with my waist measurement.
Do I get a prize for that?
4.  I really try to eat reasonably healthy.
I've eaten my share of salads .....
veggies .....
They say you are what you eat.
The thing is, I really don't overeat AND I really watch my portions.
I'm stuck at @*# lbs.
Sometimes it's just downright depressing!!!
5.   So ..... instead of punishing myself
day after day after day after day
rarely  occasionally  generously treat myself to .....
drum roll please ..... ♫
♪  ......a Berry Burst Oreo!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah!!!!
You know you want one.
I think they're a summer special .....
.... they are delicious
and so well worth the guilt.
Heck, they are so decadent that they deserve
to be served up with one of those luxury napkins.
'nuff said.....
grab a cookie!!!
Played along with Nancy at "A Rural Journal"


  1. You are too funny. I also walk and work out and I'll be damn if those hips will cooperate and go down a size (or 3). Regardless of the numbers - I do feel better than before I started working out, so I'll stick with it. I might have to pass on the cookies - but they do have berries - and even if dehydrated/chemically created it is some level of fruit - so maybe one or two .....

  2. Diane:-) don't worry..:-) enjoy.
    You're talented,healthy..have a great sense of humor..
    I wouldn't give it another thought.

  3. Lmao!!! You are a hoot! This pits made me laugh outright! And I gave NEVER heard of or have seen a berry burst Oreo! I wonder what THEY would taste like in a slutty brownie?? I know it's frustrating-but your insides are happy and that's important too!! Xo

  4. Personally, I think it is your splurging on bugs! It's a known fact they go straight to your waist! :)

  5. Those cookies look amazing Diane! After 50, it's definitely a struggle on the weight front. I started a Paleo regimen in July and have lost almost 30 pounds. Just mentioning it in case you want to try it.

    Thanks for joining in this week at R5F -- I love your sense of humor~

  6. Keep walking, Diane - you feel good after all. Just stop measuring for awhile. Maybe it will melt away when you're not looking. However, I wish you hadn't mentioned the berry burst!

  7. Think of how good you feel !! We've only just got ordinary Oreo's in UK like the look of the special ones...

  8. Thanks for introducing me to those! If I buy them, I would eat the entire package!...:)JP

  9. mmmmmmmm those look very, very good.

  10. I long for the day when I can go back to daily walks, both for exercise and pleasure. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, my weight stays the same...ugh! Love the photo. I've not seen that flavor Oreo before. Just give me a plain one with a tall glass of cold milk :)

  11. I am a walker too, Diane! It's like therapy for me. My Little Dog loves when I walk outside, so she can go with me.

    If you eat healthy most of the time, walk and feel good I think that is a great start!

  12. Gosh yummy! I have never tried a Berry Burst Oreo, but now must! I love regular Oreos.. have since i was a kid. But i cannot have one milkless. Gotta have milk. Skim of course. Cuts back on the calories!

  13. So cute!!.... haha... Exercise is overated!:)...

  14. I'm in the same boat, but I'm not as dedicated about staying physical at the moment. I think it's more about feeling good than what size your waist is, and the fact that you walk regularly is great. Your photo is lovely! I'll have to look for the berry burst next time I'm out.

  15. those cookies look so good! great b&w shot!
    this is the first time i've been to this site and am glad i have!

    you have a lovely blog!

    happy sunday~

  16. Oh, My,My you have made me laugh and smile! Thank you! Keep it up! And forget about the waist! Go with your very creative flow that comes from within! Your waist will have no choice but to comply!! Aloha

  17. Oh gosh...thanks for the giggles! You ate a bug while you were singing...too funny! Hey, most of us are in the same boat. I walk too, but I have to watch what I eat all the time now because it all goes straight to my waist and hips... but an occasional splurge on something as yummy as one of those cookies is a must!!! xo

  18. I really wish I could walk that far...I always loved to walk...I could walk for miles and miles when young. Probably into my 30's and 40's...then I don't know what happened...I became so short winded. Just cannot go any distance.


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