Friday, September 6, 2013

~ Wine and Chocolate ....

..... yup!
I'm bribing you. 
So, sit down and have a glass ... or two.
Have a piece of chocolate ... or two.
I need your input.
For awhile now I've been wanting to give my blog a facelift.
What do you think?
Does the current look ... black ... bother you?
Does it need a pop of color .... on the sides? .... on the header?
Should I make it all white and change up the header?
Should I keep the format?
I know.....I know.
It's my blog .... I should be creative .... and decide what the heck to do with it.
I just go back and forth .... forth and back ..... up and down.
I go into your blogs and I just sigh at how gorgeous they are.
I also made the mistake good move and
got "Artful Blogging" magazine.
I gasp with each turn of the page!!!
I hurry and visit their blogs and just crush on them!!!
So, if you wouldn't mind ...
I'll pour you another glass of wine
and you can tell  me what you think.
Now ....
over to Nancy's to play
Random 5 Friday!!!
1.   I'm a cheap date.   One glass of wine and I'm done!   One glass of wine and I turn into the
      weather .... hazy (I get that way), hot (I start hot flashing) and humid (and she sweats!).
2.   I'm in need of a haircut.   My  hair is down way past my butt.   I wear it in a bun ...!   Why don't I just make an appointment and get it chopped?  
      Why am I holding on to it?  Is it the "hippie" in me that won't let go?
3.   My hair is thinning.......on the bangs area.   Crap!  I knew it was thinning.
      I ignored it.   But it's getting progressively more noticeable.    It bothers me.  A lot!!!!
4.   So I bought some Rogaine For Women.   Haven't tried it yet.   I'm afraid to.   Don't
      ask me why.  I just am. 
5.   I have never dyed my hair but I have used Henna on it.  Once.  I looked like an
      Irish Setter. 
So, there you have it.
Now, where's my glass of wine .....


  1. I love this post! As for the blog...I love polka dots. No other input there, because I liked it before too, even though I don't recall what it was...sorry, I'm into my TGIF glass of vino myself. As for your hair...go for it...get a new do. Why not? Don't be afraid. You will absolutely love it, and don't forgot to donate your lovely, long, hippie locks to "Locks Of Love". Remember, the universe loves you no matter what your hair looks like! CHEERS!


  2. OK first the wine...then, I like the look of the black. I think it makes the photos stand out. That being said my blog is white because that's what works for me right now. I don't want anything extra lately. I think you should put the henna down and go get your hair cut. It may be thinning because it's been so long and you've been wearing it the same way (in the bun) for so long. I think once you do you will be so happy that you won't believe you didn't do it sooner.

  3. Good gravy, I'm certainly not the one to ask about blog creation...but I find it very intriguing and your Random thoughts even better! Nice to meet you!...:)JP

  4. I love your blog post! I love chocolate, am not a real wine person, though. I do like soft cider. I like the black, but that is just me. Have an awesome wkd

  5. I'd skip the wine, but chocolate. Yum!

  6. I started to say keep the hair, but if it is thinning chopping it off might do the trick. My mom did not even have really long hair but always kept it up. When she got it cut, her hair grew thick.

    And you can hand over the chocolates any time!

  7. D-be creative-it's great to change things up. I do like the black but play with it. Busy isnt always best-I get distracted easy-my blog reflects my simple uncomplicated life-but that's what works for me. As for hair-u know what I'm gonna say to that-it's hair-and u can donate it for wigs for people who have cancer-I love that idea-we have girls at school that do it-look for cuts that help make your hair fuller-the rogaine won't hurt-don't know if it helps-but it doesn't hurt! No-go play!!!!! Xoxox

  8. I really like the look of your blog - it's kinda Audrey Hepburn.

    I went through a phase of looking at and reading the rogaine boxes . . I never actually bought any . . My hair seems to go through phases . . sometimes it looks like it's all gonna fall out - it never does - it stops shedding itself - I forget about it . . I still have Lots of silver hair . . and, i like it.

    I'm thinkin' you are super cool.
    happy Friday Evening!

  9. Artful Blogging Magazine is da bomb! I just look at it and think.. i could NEVER do that! It's kind of like Martha Stewart for bloggers. Lol

    I am the same after one glass of wine. Actually, i don't even need one glass to hot flash and sweat these days!

  10. Hi there, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by my blog. I like your blog look, the black is nice!

    I guess I haven't gotten around much, because you're only the second person I can remember mentioning Artful Blogging Magazine. I'll have to check it out, I could use some new ideas.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. The black background with the bold white font is very easy to read! :)

  12. I have never seen that magazine..
    Sounds interesting..
    It is difficult to change .. I think I have changed my header 3 times in 4 yrs:) the first I kept forever it seems..then another..but I had not done it and that didn't seem I made a new one and kept's already old:)
    I am a creature of old soul:)
    The locks for love sounds like the way to go..Mine is long.. but,just a bit past shoulder would be a nice change to not have it in a bun..leave it long enough so you can if you want though:)I see such a pretty face over there.. I think anything would be nice:)
    Locks of love:) Great idea.

  13. My hair makes me crazy, way too thin and now getting way gray. I color it and it's short and that's the best I can do now. I'd love to hear how the rogaine works for you. I'm thinking of a blog makeover, but I am so indecisive. I'm going to look for Artful Blogger.

  14. Wine and chocolate, mmm !
    I love your polka dot background and the header looks nice with the black !
    At Flickr they had a white background, they've changed it into black but
    I liked the white one better ...
    Have a nice weekend,

  15. I'm hopping over from Random 5. I'm going to look for the magazine, too. As for the hair, I went through a stressful time and mine started thinning a couple of years ago. I did some research and started taking B complex vitamin. Problem solved. However, you might consider cutting your hair because it actually is a strain on your scalp. And if you have to wrap it tight with a rubber band every day, that pulls at it and does damage.

    I'm a cheap date, too. One glass of wine and I'm done.

  16. You really don't want to ask me about blog makeovers because I change mine alot! I really wonder what that says about me. Don't wanna go there. I do find the polka dots a bit hard on my eyes, but I'm old and need new glasses.

    No wine or chocolate for me -- but if you have some strawberries, I'll have some. :)

    Thanks for sharing at R5F Diane -- very much appreciated and nice to learn more about you.

    PS -- don't cut your hair!! I think you will regret it. (Had to be the black sheep.)

  17. I so enjoyed m'y visit here, as for your blog layout, I too was wanting to change my page to perhaps the soft gray and whites, no major boarders just clean and inviting to read and stay awhile.
    Maybe giving the type of blogger you are grey would suit you??
    Think about it, it's a great compromise hitting right between colour and white!
    You can use darker titles or whites.
    Go visit..".Paper Mulberry" down on my sidebar she is in my inspiration as one of my favorite places to visit, I love her grey page, it's so hauntingly beautiful.
    As for my page design right as I was getting ready to change mine Artful Blogging came knocking and I am so excited to be in the up and coming issue due out end of October first part of November, so your feeling of sigh and gasping over the soulful pages leaves me hoping I will measure up?

    I can tell you your hair is an important part of you, but if warn in a bun then what would you be missing?
    Go to a great salon, edgy in cut design as for someone who would take in consideration your lifestyle, and the changes you want to make, giving you a now look and feel to a modern women, yet leaving you with your comfort zone of your hippy spirit. A good cut will add style, and freedom to your soul, you can keep it long enough to pull it all back, giving you what you are use to doing, this way it won't feel to foreign to you.
    You can use a semi colour on your hair, like Clairol this way it's not harsh on your hair and won't encourage hair fall out, it's what I use and love it.
    Another great, great product is Nioxon shampoo it's great for women who have thin, falling out hair, or just plain weak hair. I have used it, and it restored my hair. In fact they use it on Barbra Walters hair from the view. Her stylist recommends it highly. Don't use any of the unisex hair fall out products once you start them you need to use them for life to hang onto the hair.
    I'm not a hair dresser, just know from friends who are hair stylist in heightened salons. Taking form length off your hair will lighten the caring around load and your hair will get healthier for it.

    Well I have hopefully added more to stress over, more to think about ? :)
    I just so loved this post, it was refreshing, I thought you just might like some bold input.

    Let us know how it all works out for you.
    I too have a little hippy in my lol!

    Hippy day to you.

  18. Ooop's sorry for losing myself and writing a book :)


  19. Vitamines another source to correct a skin, hair problem, when our hair starts to fall out its a sign of health issues, hormones and lack of iron. They,older we get we need less iron but, if there is a problem then looking into a multi all natural from a health store would then be a good move in the right direction. Plus vitamins have biotin in it, it's a must take for healthy full hair health, most health practitioners will agree.

    See you soon, and I say cut your hair it will make you feel beautiful.


  20. Oh wine and chocolate and I'd be sold too :) I like your blog form a lot, somehow the darck background seems to make the Photos pop out in an effective way! A hair cut is always refreshing ... I find here in the fall the my hair is beginning to fall a bit more than usual - I Wonder why?
    Such a lovely blog you have - I'm also following you now :)

  21. I wish I was smart enough to completely make my blog my own creation, but I have to rely on others design's to make mine cute! I really am sipping on a glass of wine as I read where is the chocolate? Hope you have a great week!


  22. Hi-ya. I wandered over from Carol Z's blog.

    And look at you... talk about hospitality! Wine AND chocolate, no less. I have no choice but to sign on as your newest groupie. Nice to meetcha!

    Your blog looks terrific.

  23. Hello, I found you from Carol Z's blog, too. I don't know how I missed you from Nancy's Random 5. But nice to meet you now! So glad to find and follow your blog, and I look forward to reading more!

    I'm not an expert in blog design, but I think yours is very cool. I'm in the middle of playing around with a new header. I'm also in the middle of learning HOW to make a header. Makes for some interesting things. :-)

    My hair is getting thinner around the front, too. I find that it fills up more when I keep it about chin length. That said, don't cut your hair unless you're absolutely sure--I've done it and regretted it so quickly!

  24. Oh you are funny, wine and chocolate. As far as your design, I think you have to please yourself before considering the rest of us. After all it is your blog, are you designing it for us or for you?? Just a couple of questions to ponder. Personally, I like clean lines and not a lot of clutter on either side, it just makes it easier to focus on the content. PS I do love Artful Blogger...I have at least 10-12 of them and so enjoy looking thru them at what others are doing.

  25. I love the look of your blog.. But I totally get how you might want to change it up a bit. Every six months or so I get board with the way my blog looks and want to change it up a bit. I have the same problem with thiinning hair.. It sucks!!



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