Friday, September 13, 2013

~ Is It Friday ....

.... already?
Where does the time go?
Dear Week ... what the heck?
Dear Summer ... I hope this is really "buh-bye" because your
humidity this week was a deal breaker.  Our relationship is over.
Dear Autumn ... bring on your crisp attitude.  I can't wait!!!
Dear Blogging Friends ... thank you so much for your input about my blog's look.
As you can see, I did change it up a bit.
Still holding on to the dark background .... don't know why but I just can't let it go!
Learning how to make a blog header was fun.
In fact, I may just change my header up with the seasons .... well, maybe. 
I still don't know how to grab your buttons to place in my blog!
Why do I always mess that up?? 
Dear Birds ... thanks for your constant visits.
I really do enjoy watching you.
And with this one .... I think the bird on the right is saying
"Uh......I don't think there's room for you on here."
And now ... for my Random 5 ....
1.  I think the older I get that I am becoming slightly OCD....
2.   I say this because I've noticed that I want need to do certain things in
a certain way ...
3.  For example, if I wake up at night and I have to make a potty trip and
it's, let's say 2:11 a.m., I will tell myself that I cannot get up
until it is 2:15 a.m. ....
4.  Maybe that's not being so much OCD as .... what? ... a little wacky?
5.  I will read and re-read this post at least 3 5 times
before I hit the "Publish" button ...
and then I will read it a couple of  few more times
and maybe even edit it the same amount of times
before I let it go!!!
Today, I played along with Ashley Slater and Nancy


  1. I like the dark background. Don't blame you. Nice pics! It is nice to see the birds at the feeder. Those finches tend to be greedy guts, but who cares? Loving the lack of humidity here, too. It was a rough week weatherwise.

  2. I think the dark background sets off your photography very nicely.

  3. Love your bird shots. Happy Friday!

  4. Lmao!!!! You are funny!!! Love your header!!!!!abd your bird shots are so fun. You know I love it when u post!!

  5. Love how you caught that one bird coming in for a landing

  6. Yes, it was really hot here earlier, but right now it is in the 60's and it feels sooo good. Yes, I am looking forward to Fall and it's changes. Love that bird shot, catching them flying in mid-air is a wonderful thing!!

  7. Your new header is appealing. I like the texture. Good job! I know just what you mean about being a bit OCD. But I edit for a living, so I guess it's a good thing that I'm checking and rechecking every detail :)

  8. I LOVE the new header..
    Don't the birds LOVE the niger seeds.. $$ but they are worth that old Meridith Baxter Birney etc commercial
    Did you trim your hair?

  9. I love to watch the birds as well. I need to pick up some bird seed now that the cooler weather's coming.

  10. I love learning new things like how to design headers. It takes me a! I am not sure about the buttons myself.. Great birdie photos!

  11. I love watching the finches too. And their songs.

  12. As you already know, birds are BIG in my book regardless of how small they are! Love the look and that you are learning new things...thank YOU for your kind words regarding my sister!...:)JP

  13. LOVE your blog.
    I do NOT think you are "wacky." I believe you are an artist . . .finding and sharing your unique greatness with all of us (thank you - it's the brave ones like you making positive changes in the world all around.)

    Those visiting bird photos are amazing . . and the one mid-flight? Awesome.

  14. Thanks for finding my blog now I have found you. I love your blog. So inspiring and beautiful. Those shots of the birds are so great.


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