Monday, September 16, 2013

~ Monday Listicles ...

If you haven't been to visit Stasha @ Northwest Mommy,
then you really should stop by.
Today is "Monday Listicles" over there
and today's list of
"10 Things I Have a Crush On"
was suggested by my girl Kelly.
So, here goes.
10 Things I Have A Crush On
In no particular order .... well, except for #1 ....
10.  "Artful Blogging" magazine.   I have discovered some amazing bloggers through that magazine. 
9.  Becky over at TIMEWASHED .... her stuff makes me sigh !
8.  My neighbor's two boys.......Landon who is 3 and Logan who is 1. 
They make me smile! 
7.  Crisp autumn air and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.   **sigh**
6.  Cloudy days.
5.  Flea markets.
4.  Old bottles.
3.  Anything vintage.
2.  Gumby.
......... and .........
1. husband of 42 years.
This photo is circa 2000.
We look so dang young!!!  LOL


  1. That's great that your #1 crush is your husband. :-) Love the bottles in the window!

  2. Gorgeous! Gumby being on your list made me giggle and I'm off to check out the things that make you sigh!

  3. I share your love of dark chocolate!

  4. Excellent list! I'll have to take time to think of my own "Top Ten" now!

  5. LOVE, LOVE LOVE your crushes D. I'm ALWAYS so happy when you post. LOVE that pic of you and Tom.

  6. Love the look of your blog and will have to check out that magazine. Yeah for fall weather and pics of us with our main squeeze whatever the age.

  7. It's funny I look back at 2000 of the two of us and think we looked so young..the last 13 have made a difference for certain here..You have been married 2 more yrs than I have..well maybe more..we will be 40 next June.
    Lucky to be with our best friends:)
    You have mentioned that magazine time I am out of the country ..I mean that both ways..I will look for it..
    Your bottle collection is so cute.. our market has some.. they are dear.

  8. Oh, wow. 42 years? Can you send me some of your love potion ?
    I so noticed you following me, and I wanted to get to know you much better by stopping in and catching up a bit over here.

    I too love Artful Blogging, I have been featured in the magazine issues and was set to appear in the up and coming end of October issue, then Jennifer the publisher bumped me to the February issue I guess due to a better fit with love in the air :)
    I will look forward to following you and all that you inspire over here.

    See you soon,

    Happy fall inspiration


  9. I love old bottles as well. I love the way the light shines around them. Congrats on 42 years!!

  10. Great list, Diane !
    Pretty old bottles, I love flea markets and anything vintage too :-)
    What a lovely photo of you and your husband ...
    Oh, and your new layout is gorgeous, wonderful header !
    Nice week,

  11. 42 years -- that's wonderful Diane. We all looked much younger in 2000. Lol! :)

  12. Thank you for visiting my studio blog. I have some grey velvet sea pumpkins made special for me from the lovely Timewashed.

  13. Awesome list! Beautiful picture of the bottles!


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