Friday, February 21, 2014

~ Exhausted ...

... and a little cwanky.
Dazed and confused.
But determined to play along with Nancy and Random 5 Friday.

It has been quite a week.  Long week. 
A "never-want-to-repeat" week.
I haven't had time to visit your blogs yet and/or reply to
all of you who have visited my blog and left lovely comments.
I apologize.
1.  Tom went into the hospital on Monday.
His cardiologist wanted to run tests and have other specialists take a look at him.
So up to Floor 10/Cardiology Unit we went.
2.   Get off the elevator and take a left to Center 10.
On Monday he saw his cardiologist and he informed us that the following day
he'd be seen by a multitude of doctors to try to get to the bottom
of why he is feeling so crappy.
Maybe change his meds up.  Take him off some.  Put him on others.
Call me crazy but I find it difficult to leave Tom in the hospital.
But we arrived at the hospital at 7:00 a.m. and it's 7:30 p.m.
and we're both exhausted.
So I leave.
Crying as I'm headed to the elevators.
3.  But I'm back there at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning and
on Wednesday morning and Thursday ... and yes, today ... Friday!
Tom is seen by every specialist possible.
He's given every test possible.
Now, we already know he has congestive heart failure and renal failure.
Congestive heart failure re-confirmed with a new find ... he has two leaky valves.
Renal failure re-confirmed ... prognosis is that dialysis will most likely be
part of his life in 3 to 5 years (if not sooner).
Lungs tested ... COPD and emphysema.
And nodule(s) found on his lungs.
Inhaler recommended.  A second CAT scan in 3 months
to check the nodule(s) on his lungs.
He's not happy.
4.  He's tired because he's not sleeping because the beds are so freakin' uncomfortable.
He's hungry because the food is ... well ... awful.
He wants to go home but they want to do more tests.
And they do.
The Electro-Cardiologist is recommending a new, super-duper
The one he has now has the heart's upper and lower chambers
beating at separate times which just makes him exhausted
because the heart's chambers are ... well ... fighting each other.
This new device would have a new wire leading to a separate section
of his heart and it would have the heart's chambers
pumping at the same time.
5.  I get there on Wednesday morning and he is spitting fire.
He didn't get a wink of sleep even though he was given a sleep aid.
He can't eat anything because they want to take more tests.
He's barking and howling and I'm trying my best to calm him down.
He isn't being a very good patient.
I feel awful.
Mid-afternoon it is decided that the defibrillator/pacemaker
will be replaced on Thursday.
Nothing to eat after midnight.
And he's starving because he isn't eating much.
To make a long story short .... Thursday comes ... no food ... no drink ... because of the procedure.
We wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.
The nurse comes in at 3:00 p.m. and tells us that his procedure has been
The anesthesiologist says that Tom's sodium levels are too low.
Tom is not happy and tells everyone that he WILL be
discharged on Friday.
He exploded and rightly so.
So, I picked him up today and got him out of that joint!
The procedure will be scheduled for a later time.
He will sleep like a baby tonight in his own bed.
He will eat some good food.
Now, if only I could find a magic wand that would make him all better.


  1. Oh I am so sorry I do hope he gets the rest he needs at home the hospital is no place for the sick these days. Take care and I do hope you get some rest too that is a hard thing for everyone to go through the worry the worry and the worry.. Take care hug. B

  2. wow, sorry to hear you had the week from hell, that is so not fun. you take care & know we are thinking about ya. big big hugs. maybe put Gumby in the docs pocket??! maybe??! that will make you smile or giggle at least. right??!?!? ( :

  3. So sorry about all that you and your husband are going through. Pretty difficult stuff it seems! Glad that he is getting a little bit of a break, and hopefully when he goes in for the new pacer / defib, it will go smoothly and make him feel alot better. Hope that both of you get some rest and have a lovely weekend together! Hugs from Texas

  4. I don't blame him for being angry. That was shameful on their part to wait until that late in the day to tell him the procedure was cancelled. I think I would have left right then and there.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  5. Buttons has it right, hospitals are no place for the sick. As an ex nurse I'm usually a well behaved patient (unless I get a useless nurse) but when one of my loved ones is on the bed I am over the top assertive. Embarrassingly so in the opinion of some of my family but that isn't going to stop me. Have a wonderful, wrapped in blankets, cozy weekend.

  6. should have called me. Poor Tom and poor you and this whole thing is a Shitbucket.

  7. I really feel for you Diane..
    I have no words..but to say very lucky you are to ahve each other.
    I see so many that seem to be suffering alone.
    Even suffering to me is better shared.

    How discouraging for both to wait all week and nothing get done..except exasperate and tire you.
    It should be a prerequisite to any career in healthcare that the person know and understand that they can feel what it is like to be in someone's show empathy ..and to treat the patient and if he was the patient or family.
    Take care.

  8. It is so hard to be a patient as well as have a loved one as the patient. I've been through pretty much all of the diagnoses with one or both of my parents and my husband. The never ending testing, perpetual estimating, and lack of definitive cause and action are beyond frustrating - to say nothing of the process. I hope that rest has given you both a breather from the process and pray and wish you well on this journey.

  9. Oh, what a terrible experience for the both of you. I just hope and pray that he is feeling much better soon and that he can get some sleep. Going without sleep is enough to make anybody cranky, not to mention going without food. Hugs to the both of you.

  10. I'm sorry, what an ordeal. I probably would have left too. I hope you both get some needed rest and the new pacemaker will help when it's put in. Take care!

  11. Now that it's scheduled let's hope he goes for the surgery after such a nasty experience! Please get some rest takes two to pull this off, you know!...:)JP

  12. Wow you've both been through a lot this past week. My heart goes out to you and now my own problems seem a little trivial in comparison. God's blessings on you both.

  13. That's terrible! The hospital is no place to be when you'd like a little rest and a good meal. Apparently, not even so great when you need a procedure. Good Luck!

  14. So sorry to hear how your week went with Tom. I hope now that he is home and can get some well needed rest and good food he will then be up to the challenge of getting his procedures done. Prayers are with you both. Hope this new week goes better.

  15. I'm so sorry about Tom's week and yours! Hope this week is better my friend. xo

  16. What an awful week...I am just grabbing a visit and so sorry to hear all the problems. I hope they can replace the pacemaker and at least stop the chambers from fighting against each other. I will check back in later in the week to see if you have posted anything new. (I did not do random 5 cause our granddaughter is with don't feel stressed if you don't visit.)

  17. Oh no... I am so sorry to hear this news. Sounds like some of what my dad is going through at the hospital right now.. No fun at all. I just Hate hospitals.. You are in my thoughts my friend.


  18. What a tough week and tough news to hear. :(

  19. Lamento lo que han tenido que pasar ¡no hay derecho!
    Espero que ahora todo salga bien. Eres fuerte para acompañar a tu marido.
    Buena suerte!
    Saludos desde Chile


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