Friday, February 28, 2014

~ Goodbye ...

... to February!
1.  Can you believe that this is the last day of February?
Wow ... wow ... wow!
It has been a very long month.
Snowy ... frigid ... challenging ... exhausting ...
I, for one, am happy to bid it Au Revoir.
I am hoping that March will be milder ... warmer ... calmer.
But they are predicting that we will be crapped on blessed
by another snow storm on Sunday night through Monday
with accumulations of possibly 6+ inches.
Mother Nature, bite me!
2.  My Christmas Cactus must have sensed that I needed something to make me smile
since it decided to bloom ... again!
It was a happy sight.
3.  I finally organized ... somewhat ... my craft closet.
I can't tell you how great that made me feel.
Now I know and can see where things are ...
all packed in their assigned clear bins.
I felt like beating my chest and doing the Tarzan shout.
Now, if only I could find/make the time to do something
with all of my craft paraphernalia.
4.  I am so proud of my dear friend Kelly
for opening her Etsy shop.
Woot-woot girlfriend!!!
Please check out her post here which will lead you to her Etsy shop.
5.  Again, I want to apologize to all of you who have visited
me these past few weeks and I've neglected to
visit you.
The fog from last week is finally lifting and I promise....
that I will get back into my routine of visiting and commenting.
I appreciate your understanding and your blog love.
Thank you!
Join the fun over at Nancy's

Now .... I'm going to sit and take in the beauty of this plant!


  1. Goodbye February yes it has been a very long emotional month and I am happy to see March. Take care. Hug B

  2. What a pretty color for the cactus - I have one that's blooming, too. Hope March doesn't come in like a lion!

  3. You scared the crap outta me girlfriend with the "GOODBYE" portion of you title...don't ever ever ever do that to me!!! You have been dumped on for sure by Mother Nature. I hope this is the last storm for you.You are the very bestest for the shout out on my ETSY-thanks sis. Your cactus is beautiful, and the fact that it bloomed again? Well, I think that's awesome. Hang in there sis! xo mwah

  4. i agree - i was wondering what goodbye meant & then i got you are saying GOODBYE to February. i am glad to hear that. i'm happy to say later dude. ha. ha!! ( :
    hoping March will treat us a whole lot better. big big hugs. ( :

    gorgeous cactus!! mine has not bloomed this year ... hoping it will show in March ... we will see?!?!

  5. Yay...a lovely bloom to put the Spring spirit in us. And another shout out to Kelly, because I have just received one of her awesome butterfly postcards from her shop and it is totally gorgeous! Goodbye to February...and more snow on the way! It won't be long now! Have a great weekend, Diane! Aloha

  6. A cheery colour, sorry about the snow, my goodness you have had a togh winter on the other side of the pond ! Thanks for visiting today..

  7. We are scheduled for some ice Sunday night. Good times....not!

  8. I aam gald you have something blooming to give you some cheer. I remember well those long winters. The good thing for us where I live now is that we are not having sweltering humidity and hot temperatures since the cool air does filter down to us.

  9. I love having Christmas Cactus..never thought I would until about 10 yrs ago..I saw a magnificent one in bloom at a clients home..and well..that was that..Yours is lovely..I have never spotted that color here..
    Yay for the craft closet:)

  10. I have one bloom on my "Easter" cactus -- this will be the 3rd blooming of the season!

  11. Wow, everyone's Christmas cactus must have lost their mind! Mine bloomed for the 2nd time in January. The Easter cactus must have felt left out as it sent out 2 blooms at the same time!

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  13. Oh, I have not forgotten how very long the last winter was, this is really a hard time. And again and again snow .. at least your cactus makes you glad he is really beautiful!
    Have a good March and finally the end of winter
    (I would like to give a piece of our spring here)

  14. Yes Good-Bye to February....We did have snow last night to herald March in as well but it was just a (skiff) so nothing to snivel over. Spring is on the way......hurry up already!
    Your cactus is lovely.

  15. Yay for the Twice Blooming!
    Boo hiss for impending Storm and the ongoing ongoing cold.
    Farewell February! Don't let door hit yer.... Y'know.

  16. We're bracing for that crap (or blessing...) as well - ugh! Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful and bravo on clearing your craft closet - I'm making small progress with clearing and throwing around here - damn stuff is like rabbits - I turn my head and it has multiplied.

  17. Hasta la vista February...but March ain't looking much better so far :(

  18. we are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow as well. I am heartily tired of it...

  19. Stunning photos and a great Random 5! And well done, Kelly for opening her shop :)

  20. Congratulations on organizing your craft closet. What a great way to spend a dreary February. I have a Christmas cactus about to flower too. How strange!

  21. Your Christmas Cactus pic is so perfect . . . Ahhhh, with a bit of luck from the Irish . . .

  22. did I tell you I have a cactus that blooms at the oddest times? ...:)JP

  23. Beautiful Christmas Cactus, like you I'm done with this snow. Mother nature can 'bite me' too.

  24. Ya vendrá la primavera, acá esperamos el otoño y el frío, los días cortos. Pero no nieva, al menos donde yo vivo.
    Hermoso cactus florido. Es una rebelión al frío!.
    Saludos desde Chile

  25. I think it has been a very long and depressing winter. Hopefully we all will soon be singing in the sunshine and dipping in the ocean.

  26. Your your Christmas cactus look so pretty! Mine is almost dead! I don't think it likes being on the move!


  27. ? Did my comment get there? Something went wrong here (which is not surprising) and now I don't know if my comment reached its destination... Anyway, as I was saying... Horrid weather, beautiful cactus (actually I didn't say that, but it is) and very sorry to hear about Tom and the bunch of doctors. Take care dear, and please don't bother to much about us. We totally understand, so don't feel any obligation. Big hugs to you

    1. ps: I really hope Tom will feel better soon. That's an aweful lot to deal with, as you told us in a previous post.


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