Friday, February 14, 2014

~ Dang it ...

... is it Friday already? 
I wasn't prepared for this.
So, I'm going to have to fly by the seat of my pants here and indulge in
.... drum roll please ....
Oh.  And Gumby Friday (snort!)
1.  For the love of all creatures ... big and small ...
Punxsutawney Phil
and Connecticut's own Chuckles
are mere rodents.
They both predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
We got "blessed" with 11 inches of snow yesterday and are expecting
another 1 to 6 inches tomorrow.
Sure...sure.  It looks pretty.
It almost hypnotizes you as you watch all of the little flakes
fall from the sky.
But I'm here to tell you that it sucks!
Especially when you (me) has to shovel it and/or drag the dang snow blower out.
I'm done with winter.
With that said ....
2.  Who's up to trying some groundhog stew?
Lots of protein.
Punx Phil, I'm talking to you.
3.  Gumby wanted to go outside to play.
But Miss Procrastination (yup, she's still around)
hasn't knitted him a scarf yet.
So, we decided to watch the snow fall together.
From inside.  Where it's warm.
It was nice for a while but looking out at all of that white stuff
started to give us a headache.
Not to mention how irritating the sound of the plow trucks were.
Don't get me wrong ... they're just doing their job.
But still ... they are my enemy!
4.  Gumby insisted on standing by the window for a pose.
He was amazed at how much snow was out there and how cold it looked.
He was grateful that I insisted that we stay inside.
We had new windows put in a few years ago.
Best thing ever!
They're the type that you just pull in to clean.
I'm telling you, I've got the cleanest dang windows in the neighborhood!
It's a pleasure (well, almost) to clean them.
5.  Gumby has been trying to get me to try Nutella.
"Nuh-uh" was my response.
Finally, I gave in.  Bought some.
Gumby was so happy.
He couldn't wait to dig in.
I tried it, too.
And you know what?  Dang if it isn't bad!
It's rather tasty! 
What have I been missing?
As you can see....Gumby loves it.  Loves it!
Made a little piglet of himself ... yes, he did!
Which led to giving him a bath.
And then a nap.
So....there ya have it.  My randomness and my Gumby-ness!
Gotta go!  Gonna get me some Nutella!


  1. this post made me happy ... i love Gumby. he rocks!! he needs to meet my Shaun. i love the snowy views. groundhog soup ... i wonder what it would taste like? i would try it ... not sure i would love it though?? ha. ha!!! happy <3 day!! ( :

  2. Gumby made me laugh. I love Nutella, too, but it is a rare treat because I have a hard time just leaving it in the cupboard.

  3. With all that white stuff...I can see why Gumby is shiverin' at the window!!! That's why we moved south!!! It's.......ummm......ready? 79 degrees [F] here right now.

  4. Nutella is delicious!!! Where have you been? Buried alive like us? Those damn rodents...I hope a plow runs them over!!! ...:)JP

  5. Glad to have found your blog through Random Five.....I just discovered Nutella myself and I do like it especially on apples.....Great post....

  6. You two are so funny. We have had our fill of winter but I can't blame it on the snow plows, they haven't found us yet. Nutella was sold out so I got my son Hershey's new version. It got two thumbs up. Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. I came so close to buying some Nutella. It was in my cart and at the last minute I put it back.. Hummmm I should have bought it.. Sending sunshine your way my friend.


  8. I would be a bit "over" the snow as well if I had as much as you have -- wow! Love the gumby photos -- smiling. :)

  9. I am truly tired of snow blowing. Yesterday I had to wear my sunglasses when driving even though the sun wasn't shining. All that snow is just too bright.

  10. We are expecting more snow today as well...and it does look pretty. It is the middle of February so it will be over soon.

  11. Oh Gumby and Nutella made me laugh out loud:) B

  12. I wish you could find someone to shovel for you..
    I love winter..I do..
    But I'm not the primary shoveler..although I do help out..But truth be told I would rather vacuum and it's not my favorite sport:)
    I think it's great you have if he could learn to shovel..:)

  13. Gumby is one smart dude to like Nutella!

  14. Omgosh! I'm literally snorting here laughing at Gumby and your humor!!!!

  15. Aren't that a hoot Kathy?? Great storytelling Sis. I am sorry got all that fluff. Groundhog stew hmmmm? No thank you. I love to file Austin up on Nutellas pronunciation! I atually just found a recipe I want to try using but i think I found or some procrastination rubbed off on me!!! Love u and Gumby D!!! Xo hang in there!

  16. I have had my share of winter, too....think the nap thing sounds pretty good! We are supposed to get up maybe to 60 by the end of next week. 'They' were saying 50, but heard 60 today. Though I dread the mud, I will still welcome some warm days!

  17. I don't know why but these post always make me smile. I think it's Gumby he's such a "ham" - Loved his Nutella shots.
    Oh my you are getting dumped with the white stuff. I do think that 2nd photo is so pretty. I am happy that our snow melted though and while it's over cast and dreary outside I can at least get out and do something besides watch it snow. Hoping you get a reprieve soon.

  18. Everyone needs a Gumby! They're calling for more snow here this morning but getting really warm later on this week. Strange weather! Thanks for the good laugh this morning!

  19. Gumby and Pokey was a childhood favorite of mine! Please give him a hug for me. :) Love the shot of him and you looking out the window.
    I'm getting tired of the snow as well but your snowy images are so lovely!

    Thanks so much for visiting my first Random 5 this week!

  20. I just love the Gumby shots! Too cute :) Looks like you really did get a ton of snow. I bet you are getting tired of it by now!

  21. I have to say, I am loving the Gumby Shots -- We have plenty of snow, as well with more snow expected tomorrow -- Love the Random 5 Post!
    Boston, MA

  22. I am so tired of the snow! It is supposed be upper 40/low 50s Thursday so it will probably all melt just in time for more to come.


  23. Your winter scenes are just beautiful! I really don't mind the snow; perhaps it is because I don't have to shovel it! Have a great day!


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